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Global Total Returns 2018 (vs 2017)

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What’s up everyone!

Found this little beauty off the inter-webs, a good visual summary of where global markets ended for 2018… as you can see, unless you were invested in Qatar (standout), Peru or Russia, you would have been better to stash your cash under the mattress.

Oh, and same goes for the defensive sectors of Healthcare and Utilities!

Hmm there’s a pattern here…

Just goes to show that investing can be painful – the stock market doesn’t always go up!

Interesting to note the performance compared with 2017, which was a phenomenal year to be invested.

So what’s ahead for 2019 then?

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me that…

Honestly though, my personal opinion is there are more headwinds than tailwinds in the coming year, even if China and the US are making progress on trade talks at the moment.

Here, just have a look at all the market events coming up:

Like playing “Where’s Wally”.

Which makes me highly doubt we’ll see a repeat of 2017’s heady gains in 2019.

Might not be as dramatic as 2018’s falls, given many events are priced in – but expect a year of volatility and uncertainty.

And for those of us wondering what to do in a down market – have a read of this series I prepared earlier! (Part 1 here).

Oh before you go, remember that even if you are caught in a downturn – in the long run, you should do alright:

Image result for stock market long term
If only I’d bought in 1900!

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