My First Youtube Video

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Hola peeps!

Some wonderfully EXCITING news to share with you all.

The Frugal Samurai is now on Youtube!

Whew, 6 months in the making but finally I ticked off an item on the bucket list for 2020.

Was a LONG time coming. I admit I was procrastinating badly with this one.

Chiefly because with this goal, I had to make a real conscious effort.

I think the unknown and going outside of my comfort zone was holding me back.

But like anything in life, the anticipation and buildup is often the biggest stumbling block.

Now that I’ve done it – I don’t really see what I was fussing over.

Here is the video guys, please like, subscribe and share if it resonates with you!

I hope you enjoyed it, leave some feedback for me in the comments below please.

Oh and also, if you’ve got some goals that you had down for this year, stop thinking – and just start doing!

Believe me, when you accomplish it, you’ll look back and wonder what was holding you back as well.

It’s another new chapter for The Frugal Samurai – YAY!

Until next time.

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  • Steveark

    You are good on camera. You have a good voice, and everyone loves an Australian accent. The outtakes were funny. I would get more light on the darker side of the screen, half your face was shadowed and that kind of gave a somber feeling that did not match the content. Very well done!

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