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September Net Wealth Update

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Hm, looks like things are getting back to normal here in Oz.

Thank goodness for that I say, though spare a thought for those Aussies stuck overseas.

Because the 2nd wave is washing over the UK, Eurozone and part of the US (or is that the first wave?)

Hello uncertainty, my old friend.

Oh and speaking of uncertainty… US elections anyone?

What a crazy rollercoaster that promises to be.

It doesn’t really affect you and I of course, but I’ve always found the US Presidential race the most entertaining reality TV on the planet… so I’ll be well tuned in.

On the personal front, nothing major to report this month.

Just a handy tax refund and a couple of quick in-n-out trades for some pocket money.

You can read the August update here.

Net Wealth (+$6,942)

Important Notes

I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible with the individual stocks and cash.

For the real estate portfolio, I’m inclined to re-value these either next month or the month after.

This is because I’m surprised that housing values have held up really well, in our capital cities ex-Sydney/Melbourne (the portfolio is largely based in those non-Syd/Melb cities).

We are still searching for our owner-occupied home, and I think it will get tougher as responsible lending rules have been loosened from early next year.

This will actually have a material impact on values methinks… watch this space as I’ll for sure write up something about it.

But shhh… let us find a place first!

September Update

  • Like I mentioned, nothing really too intense this month. The main thing which moved the dial was probably zie tax refund. It helps when you are in a cash positive, tax negative situation in real estate. Best bang for buck there is.
  • Also made some very small trades when a couple of shortlisted stocks dropped in value. Couldn’t help myself y’see. I haven’t listed them down because I was in and out quicker than a curry after a big night out (!)
  • Real estate is a funny beast.
  • Had a couple of lease renewals this month, with one of our property managers recommending we increase the rent by an extra $10… WTF INCREASE(???) I was shocked.
  • Also, we have an AGM for one of our strata complexes which I am locked in to attend in October, been fairly contentious as it is regarding a potential redevelopment of the property site. Should be interesting. I have a $ value in mind, watch this space.
  • Super was a bit ugly this month, corresponding with the recent market falls, but whatever – just let it do its thing.

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