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October Net Wealth Update

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Uh oh, looks like we are on a roller-coaster again.

Plenty of action going on with the 2nd and 3rd waves overseas and US election dominating the headlines as we head into November.

NOVEMBER! Wow, can you guys believe it – where does the time fly eh!

Been crazy busy this month, mainly cos work is letting everyone back into the office again.

Sigh, back on the hamster wheel we go it seems.

Steady as she goes with investing, same as with September, we jumped in and out of a few trades – nothing to write home about.

Oh and fingers-bloody-crossed but we are close on our house search, but shhhh Mum’s the word there, don’t wanna jinx it.

You can read the September update here.

Net Wealth  (+$13,570)

Important Notes

I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible with the individual stocks and cash. Real estate as we all know, is insanely hard to mark-to-market, so I have guesstimated as best as I can based on comparables.

Speaking of real estate… I don’t know what’s going on to tell the truth, I had thought that property would be impacted by the Coronarecssion, well, that doesn’t look like it happened (yet?)

Could be because of what I wrote earlier regarding why markets rise (read here).

I’ve long realized that predictions and forecasts are a mugs game. So I won’t bother.

But hey, I’ll take the resilience of our property markets any day.

October Update

  • As I write this in the last hours of October, I am reminded that tonight is also Halloween night. So that’s why no one gave me funny looks when I went out dressed like a skimpy nurse.
  • I did not dress as a skimpy nurse, that would be indecent exposure… I dressed as a sexy witch.
  • My fantasies aside, October has been pretty decent to tell the truth.
  • Chiefly because like I mentioned before, the bulk of net worth sitting in property, has held up remarkably well.
  • Indeed, I even virtual attended a strata AGM regarding redevelopment of one of our sites. That would be a medium term play, but touch wood could be looking at something decent here in terms of return on investment and more importantly, cash-on-cash return.
  • First time I had e-met any of the other owners, though must have made an impression, as yours truly was elevated to the “redevelopment board” post-meeting. Toot-toot, goes my own horn.
  • Stocks were pretty interesting, made a small net gain standing on the shoulder of my friend Bazer amongst other hit-n-run trades. Thank you Bazer.
  • Super also did OK, a couple of the heavy-hitters are prominent healthcare names in the fight against COVID, so worse off COVID gets, better their share prices look.

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  • Captain FI

    Mate I am continually blown away by your property portfolio. That is some awesome stuff right there. I tried to dive right in with a development to manufacture some equity, and boy has it been a nightmare already – and the slab isn’t even poured yet haha! Ahh well. I am looking into potential investment properties in Brisbane and Adelaide which seem like much cooler markets than Sydney or Melbourne, but will see how we go. I would love to read more content about how you went about your property investments, managing them etc. Cheers

    • The Frugal Samurai

      Hey Captain – thanks for saying so! And I feel a bit embarrassed to tell the truth about it, because I certainly don’t think we did anything “special”. Man, development is hardcore! Much respect to you and hope it all goes well. And yeah, the RBA just cut rates and personally I think that markets are going to rise from here, RISK ON BABY. Yep, great suggestion – will get on it in the coming posts.

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