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Where To Next?

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Hello all!

Some of you have commented on the fact that I’ve not been posting much regarding our own investment journey lately.

Have we slowed down our buying journey? Yes.

Have we slowed down our investment journey? A resounding no.

Now regarding the first point, I am fully aware of this, but the reason is simple.

The reason we have slowed down our buying journey is that frankly, I don’t see any value where it makes sense to buy anything.

Don’t confuse activity with productivity has been one of my biggest takeaways on this journey.

Property values are at all time highs. With corresponding yields at ridiculous lows.

Similarly with the share market, we all know it’s staged a mother of a rally, and there’s more and more talk about de-risking and over-stretched valuations.

So where does that leave us?

Super? That’s just the share market in disguise ain’t it?

Bonds? At ultra-low interest rates? Nah.

Cryptocurrency? Surely, that’s RIPE for a tumble soon.

Startup own business? Hm maybe, although hard with a newborn on the way.

This means that right now, we are in a holding pattern. We’re still invested across multiple asset classes… just not all in.

That’s just prudent risk management right?

Now onto the second point.

The investment journey takes many forms, and transacting (buying and selling) is only one part of this.

I would argue that a more important part, would be to develop yourself – and more importantly enrich your mind.

Which is what I’ve been doing.

Getting back into reading books and journal articles across a host of topics – economics, finance, business, science, history… even picking up a fiction or two.

I’m finding more and more these days, too many people want to take the easy way out – and just coattail someone, or be told what to do.

That’s well and good, and you can do very well out of this (Exhibit A: Berkshire’s early shareholders).

However I’ve always tried to get ahead of trends before they appear – it just seems more fun this way.

And you’ll find that history does leave clues for the future, you just gotta find it.

So apologies if you came on here hoping to read something profound – however my current state of mind reflects the current state of the market.

Unable to see value.

So am waiting.

Patiently waiting.

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