Affiliate Programs

“My name is TheFrugalSamurai and I endorse these a…”

Oh hi there, here is a list of products and services which I believe in, so much so that I’ve partnered with them as an affiliate. This also means that I might get paid if you do sign up with any of them.

So go on, have a look!

(My family thanks you).

Siteground (Web Hosting)

If you are like me, you wouldn’t know the first thing about web hosting, web platforms, websites, world wide web, spider webs, Peter Parker, Parker Pens… OK I got a bit side-tracked.

But here is a very simple and easy web host to set you up with your very own website – Siteground.

What’s better is that they have a 24/7 customer service hotline which means you can speak to someone, ANYONE when you have those pesky issues such as:

“How do I set up a website?” or “What is the best way to create my online store?” or “Why am I still awake at 3am?” or even “How come no one loves me?”

So go on, if you want these questions answered and more PLUS looking to set up a new website, Siteground is the place. 

Just make sure you click here!