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  • Chris Avery

    I just wanted to say that your blog is awesome.
    I’ve been researching for a personal finance article and have spent a lot on the infamous Mr Money Mustache & Seth Godin’s websites looking for information. I can’t remember how but after various Google searches and clicking of links I stumbled across yours and I have to say I was very impressed!

    Having written my own blogs for many years, I know it can be soul destroying writing content that you think no one is reading, so I wanted to say I really enjoyed it and keep up the good work.

    Thanks again and keep going!

    • The Frugal Samurai

      Hi Chris, those are some very nice words and thank you dearly for them! To be mentioned in the same breath as Mr Money Mustache and Seth Godin is humbling for sure. Glad to see you are enjoying it and will continue to pump out the content!

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