Net Wealth Updates


This section is where I post about my numbers and net wealth in general.

It’s a long and winding road to FIRE, come on the journey with me!

My numbers revealed…September 2017

First post on this! Circa $1.1m at the time.

January Net Wealth Update…January 2020

Second post and a fair time between updates… $1.42m

February Net Wealth Update… February 2020

Ah abit of consistency now! Still $1.42m

March Net Wealth Update… March 2020

Let’s not have too many March 2020’s… absolutely rollercoaster that was. Somehow still $1.42m by the skin of my TEETH.

April Net Wealth Update… April 2020

Whew, so volatility has eased but we haven’t escaped, deliberately marked down valuations in the real estate portfolio… $1.33m

May Net Wealth Update… May 2020

More stability, which isn’t the worst thing! Australia’s social isolation is easing… which means the chance of a 2nd wave is rising, will it happen? Eeked out a small gain… $1.34m