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What is propversary you ask? It’s a term I coined myself and basically means the anniversary of a property, or a property anniversary or when propane becomes your adversary.

For this post, I will take the definition that it means a property anniversary and that’s what today is! One of my babies has a birthday today.  Not like how it became a cute hatchling turned baby chick turned mother hen mind you, but from when I legally took title like a sicko property slave trafficker and couldn’t wait to have my way with it (a renovation).

This house used to be an egg.

Mind you, I wasn’t counting down to this date, it sort of just crept up on me.  Similarly to how you suddenly notice you have 1 day left to drink 3 litres of milk in the fridge and you panic but then realize whew, everything will be OK – you don’t drink milk.  One of those ones. 

To set some context, today was a particularly gruelling and frustrating day at the day job. The only upside I could tell was that time went by quickly (it didn’t, it just moved at the same speed the inconsiderate motherfucker) but I was still quite agitated when the day finished.

I headed straight for the gym after to clear my head and whilst powering through on the treadmill like a man who knew how a treadmill worked, I finally unwound and realized that it was an anniversary for a property purchase I made many moons ago.  That got me thinking back to when I first started on this journey…

A Hobbit’s Tale.

At the beginning, the world was a different place – people still used fiat currency as a means of legal tender, Harry Potter was coming to an apex in his battle with Tom Riddle and globally the world was reeling from a generational economic downturn.

Having missed out on one of the greatest buying opportunities of a lifetime on the stock market, I decided to plunge my bets into the real estate market instead. Only problem was I had no experience, no knowledge, no skills and no sense of anything real estate related.

My parents didn’t know about investing in real estate so I couldn’t ask them, my friends didn’t know about it either, too busy setting themselves up with their careers, so nope no help there. Neither did my work colleagues who were too busy trying to save their own jobs. Who could I turn to for some guidance and advice?

GOOGLE PEOPLE, use your head come on.  Yes Doctor Google has all the prescriptions for every ailment. Or is it Alphabet now? (Gee, all those billions, and you still can’t buy a decent name. And WTH your slogan is “Do the Right Thing”? Come on Larry and Sergey, you have to plagiarise Indian-Canadian comedians now?)

Be a man, do the right thing Larry and Sergey.

Anyway, a quick Google search and up came a multitude of forums and websites tailored for property investors both old and new.  I dived straight into them and thus began the start of my investment journey in real estate. It was that easy.

Fast forward the clock to today and I am shocked at the progress which can be made if you chip away a little bit at a time. There’s a great saying out there regarding how people always underestimate what can be achieved in a decade and overestimate what can be achieved in a year. This is so true. Looking back on events transpired it was all the daily interactions and the daily grinds to learn and listen to the right people which formulated the backbone of my journey so far.

Admittedly, early on I took many wrong turns and wasted plenty of time barking up the wrong trees (woof woof). I took shortcuts and was frustrated at the lack of perceived progress. I completely overestimated what can be achieved in a year. That hasn’t stopped me from powering through the many mistakes and learning a thing or two over the years.

If you too are just starting on a chosen path, don’t let it overwhelm you if you don’t see progress! Success comes in many forms but each takes time. Just chip away at it like, like, like a wood chuck! Those scrawny bastards with their beady little eyes.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck 
If a woodchuck could chuck wood? 
As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck, 
If a woodchuck could chuck wood.

You won’t find success overnight. Take it from me, I’m still searching for it but I guarantee in a decade both you and I will have underestimated what we can achieve from today. Good luck!

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