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It’s a sad day today interwebers!

Sad because I bid farewell to a valued and respected work colleague. He’s off to chase his dream halfway across the world in London, Britannia doing “the London thing”.

Cockney voice on: “London Innit”.

I’ve had long and inspiring conversations with him during many office hours about self-motivation, affirmations, business ideas and so much more. I’m not ashamed to admit he taught me more than I taught him.

“What did he teach man, tell us!”

“Patience patience, all good things come to those who…”


“Ok, ok fine”

He taught me the power of chasing big dreams.

Prior to meeting him I was content with what I achieved so far through my career, my finances, my personal and my spiritual life.

He taught me you are content only because you aim too low.

Thinking big gave me big hair. Thank you thinking big.

He taught me you need to repeat and repeat and repeat your mantra of success.

Write your goals down every morning and night on paper. You will be continually reinforced.

Initially I thought this was a fool’s errand so I started writing a fool’s goal.

“Dear Fantasy Football God, please let me win Fantasy Football at the end of this year so I can laugh at my inferior friends ha ha ha”.

You know what? This fool won his fool’s goal. I believed.

He taught me the power of two simple yet unbelievably influential books The Alchemist and The Greatest Salesman in the World, both have messages that will stand the test of time. Seriously, if you haven’t read these books, do yourself a favour will ya.

Just fucking wow.

The biggest lesson he taught me however was the power of visualisation.

See the end result as if you are there, feel the end result as if you have it, drink the sweet sweet nectar of victory because you already won.

Gun he is.

During our last conversation together (not forever I hope), I mentioned to my departing colleague this blog which started recently.

“Where do you want to take it?” he asked.

“I aim to be a top ten social influencer”.

“How would you measure this then?”.

I didn’t have an answer because I never really thought about it. The thought of being a top ten social influencer sounded pretty cool already right?

Thinking about it some more I realised, HEY SISTER I can quantify this.

Huh? quantify what?

“One million followers”

ONE MILLION followers? Is this guy insane? He only has 5 now! How can he find all the rest?

ONE MILLION followers? HAHA what an idiot – he doesn’t know what he’s talking about hahaha.

ONE MILLION followers? Good on him – you go TheFrugalSamurai and go do it!

ONE MILLION followers? Who cares – I’m just here to surf the interwebs, whatever.

ONE MILLION followers? Yes that’s right, one million.

Just need a few more of these bad boys and hey presto! Un millón.

“Closes eyes deep in thought with a concentrated expression on my face”.

“Eyes spring open with a SNAP”

Yep, I’m there already baby, I’ve visualised one million followers and now am working backwards to get back to this moment:

11:16pm, Tuesday 5th September 2017.

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P.S. it’s actually 11:35pm now because I’m so shit at wordpress and had to go back to edit and re-edit and then edit some more until I realised that I should just be an editor. FML.

P.P.S MrsFrugalSamurai-to-be reminded me that “not everything is about you – go take out the trash” so in that vein I would like to state that I am overwhelmed with the support and private messages regarding how this blog is tracking along. It’s a slow learning process believe me, but I’m really excited with the material and content that’s swimming in my head just waiting to burst onto the page!

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  • Innocent Bystander

    Good goals are always quantifiable and measurable. Suppose this site reaches 1 million followers, what would that mean to you?

    • The Frugal Samurai

      Thank you for the comment Innocent Bystander – amazing question actually hmm… 1 million followers would mean that I HAVE UNBRIDLED POWER, DANCE FOOL DANCE.

      Only joking of course, seriously speaking it would mean there is purpose and value to this blog. My every hope is that you guys take something away with each post and do not think your time wasted. If I can make you smile and feel a little inspired then that’s a job well done. This has been the goal from the very beginning and I daresay will be the goal in perpetuity.

  • Innocent Bystander

    One thousand or one million, it doesn’t really matter. If your purpose is to put a smile on people’s faces or to make people stop and think about things from another perspective, then you sir have done that already.

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