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What I Did After Losing $40,000

Back again folks! Hope you guys are doing well!

Been a TOUGH week so far for yours truly, so earlier tonight I decided to do something different to reset my head-space and cheer on my friends as they played a quality game of futsal (indoor soccer).

The effort from the guys was very inspiring and the social connection did me a world of good.

Who won you say?

“Football was the real winner” quipped one spectator.

Image result for sepp blatter
Sepp Blatter is the real winner actually.

Following on from this I’m going to continue the series on me losing $40,000 – which by the way has racked up a decent amount of views so far (please share and comment and like and talk about TheFrugalSamurai to everyone you know – do the right thing).

My friend Waffles was correct – you guys DO love reality TV. I don’t blame you, I’m secretly fascinated with other people’s lives as well – it’s the human condition. WHAT JEMMA IS SLEEPING WITH TROY BUT NOW SHE LIKES ANDRE? GET OUT OF TOWN.

I’m happy to share of course, it’s why I started this blog, that and cos I’m just an awesome kind of guy.

I re-read what I learnt about losing the $40,000 and it does bring back nostalgic memories. It seems so long ago now, that I look back on those times with fondness.

Why fondness? Did you enjoy losing the $40k?

Um, I haven’t met anyone who “enjoys” losing money – more so the fact that it shaped my investment journey to date.

Image result for dartboard stocks
Investment Journey up to that point.

What do you mean TheFrugalSamurai? TELL ME NOW!

O…OK…I…I will.

You can imagine after losing such an amount, it does take some time to recover psychologically, emotionally and financially to be in a position to contemplate investing again.

It’s sort of like that time when I was a kid riding my bike at the local park and this drunken old man came up to me and asked politely if he can steal my bike.

You can never forget if a dopey Santa Claus look-alike slurrs his words and asks “Excuse me, young man, “HIC”, can… can I steal your bike please?”

“No, you may not sir”, is what I should have said instead of pedalling away like the wind. Forgive me, I was but a child.

Image result for santa claus
This man is wanted on numerous breaking and entering charges.

I saw that man on TV many times each year around December – “THAT’S HIM”, I would shout at the TV, frustrated as to why the police haven’t caught him yet.

Even now, I hesitate when old men ask me to sit on their knees and tell them what they can give me for Christmas.

Once bitten, twice shy as the saying goes.

I digress slightly but I feel an important point has been made, that these moments in your life are what shapes you as an individual. The raw memories are the ones we remember most.

Related image
I think we ALL remember this.

There’s a good saying out there that history does not repeat but it does rhyme.

I think the best lesson losing $40k has taught me, is the fact that having gone through it I recognise the noise, signs and signals of when to hold em and when to fold em a little bit better now. This has done me wonders in the years that followed and I hope in the years to come.

But I’m moving ahead of myself because the first thing I picked myself back up was to…

What’s that? You have work to do? Well so do I but I’m still here! Stay a while!

Sigh, OK fine, I’ll save it for next time but promise me you’ll come back yeah?

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