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What’s it Like at a Real Estate Seminar?

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Howdy fellow Frugal Samuraites!

Hope we all had a cracking weekend – the sun is out and looks like the worst of Winter is passing through FINALLY! It’s beeeeautiful!

Did you head outdoors to enjoy the warmth and sunshine?

I did… well kinda – I mean, I did head into the city, walked by our very own Darling Harbour… to attend…”cue drum roll”

Image result for darling harbour
Welcome to my back yard.

A real estate seminar!

The thing with property seminars, for those who have never been – is that usually they try and sell you something there and then.

It’s either a “training” course, or an “exclusive” new insight or some other unique and wonderful opportunity which somehow only they have the proprietorship for.

So why did I go?

Well, as long as you have an expectation to be “sold” to – there’s still a few good learnings from each.

After all – they still discuss real estate right!

This one was no different.

Related image
It was when the man took his shirt off and put a brown paper bag over his head… that TheFrugalSamurai realized perhaps this real estate seminar wasn’t all that it seemed…

Here’s a brief timeline of what transpired…


Rushing to find the %&*#@ place, I’m late, sleep-deprived and grumpy. On the way from the train station, witness an old homeless guy relieve himself by the rubbish bin. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

FFS, this better be worth it, dragged myself out of bed in the freezing cold for this. Oh what the poncy fuck… gross… did… did he just do that?


Arrived. The venue is enormous and empty except for security guards everywhere. Luckily there are signs which point to the room where the seminar is being held.

Whew, made it – hopefully didn’t miss out on too much… still reeling a bit from what I just witnessed… hmm boy sure is a lot of uniformed guards around the place… should I be worried?

Related image
Apparently up the stairs we go then… gosh wouldn’t mind some lighting.


Registration complete. Head into the room. It is PACKED.

Whoa! Sure is a lot of people in here today, roughly 4-500 I reckon… where’s a good spot… no empty seats left darn it! Better let one of the ushers know…


The current speaker is a very reputed and respected industry veteran, discussing the economy, various states and economic data-points.

Oh better get the pen and paper out, could be something worthwhile being discussed. Let’s see… Sydney and Melbourne declining…uh huh… Brisbane and Adelaide steady as she goes… yep…Canberra and Hobart doing well… Perth and Darwin dunne like a bunne… fair enough…


The speaker makes way for the next one, amidst rapturous applause – the next speaker steps onto the stage.

Here we go, the host and head of the organization presenting… let’s see what she has to say… glad I left my wallet at home.


A 5 step plan is laid out for the audience as to how to succeed in property investing and development. She is a great speaker and very engaging.

Wow! Captivating stuff… but nothing much of substance yet…

Image result for children's games
“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… HEY wait a minute…”


“And so let’s hear from some of our current clients as to their successes…”

Oof – here we go, the pitch begins. Wonder when lunch is… feeling a bit peckish to be honest.


“Hands up who finds value from our 5 step program for a one-time discount to $7,200?” About half a dozen or so hands shoot straight up.

Ahhh… she’s done well – good luck to them. Now more importantly, what’s for lunch… thinking maybe Japanese ramen… yeah… wouldn’t mind some noodles.


Back for the afternoon session (it’s a scheduled full day event 9am – 5pm). The speaker resumes…

Her again eh… that’s alright, might have a nap…feeling a bit heavy from those noodles… so flavoursome and tasty… a bit salty though… yeah wouldn’t mind a bit less salt and a bit more garlic.

Image result for gumshara
“She needs garlic dude! GARRRLLLIC!”


Awake with a start – frightening the lady in front.

Oh shit! Where, who… wha? Wass was, what’s happening, where am… oh right… gosh she still going… where’s me water, damn thirsty after those salty noodles.


The speaker is discussing protection and downside risk.

Should be interesting.


Her strategies involve numerous trusts and different entities, labelled after the famously impenetrable Vestey trust (see Vestey Group).

This is getting damn complicated… hmm… although odds are slim I’ll establish an empire from my family butchery… might as well use my time effectively to… find the best players for my team in FIFA 14… let’s see now… I do need another left back…


“Now, hands up those for want to be protected for all and every downside in their lives? So, who can see the value of paying $6,000 for doing so?!” About half a dozen or more hands raise in the air.

Gosh, that’s a lot of family butchers that need protected…

Image result for female bank robber gif
“Ha ha ha, this guy just told me about some sort of trust, Ha Ha Ha”


The speaker makes way for the next speaker, a well renowned interior designer and TV personality.

Oh she left… let’s see what this one is about – she’s a designer?! Awesome, one area I know absolutely nothing about, hope there’s gold here.


Furiously scribing notes.

For fook’s sake woman, talk slower!


“Be very careful to spend the money on what is at eye level.”

Wowow, a fucking goldmine this last hour, so glad I napped and wide AWAKE for this session.


The speaker leaves to thunderous applause, well deserved.

Nice, nice, luxury is about simplicity, use black and white bases, pick neutral colours, the bathroom is the luxury room, sell the story – fantastic insights, thank you!

Related image
Interior design… you’re doing it wrong.


That’s a wrap up, thank the event co-ordinators and rush off to meet MrsFrugalSamurai for dinner and a movie (Antman).

So there you have it, a pretty full on day out – my brain was a bit fried after all that.

Was it worth it? Yes, absolutely – you see even though only about one third of the day held any value personally, sometimes you have to stay the course and wade through the BS to find the gold.

Mind you, I don’t doubt that some people did find value in signing up, and a few will even make a bucketload of money through their courses – but not for me thanks.

Oh and I found my left back as well – FIFA 14 dream team complete!

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P.S. By my calculations probably about a dozen or so people signed up for the various courses and programs offered throughout the day, if they all go through with it – that’s about $70/80k worth of new business.

Not bad for one day’s work.


  • Hugzy

    Gday Michae… i mean… Mr Samurai. It’s been a while since I visited your site. Awesome content recently, really interesting topics to help the rich get richer :O)

    Anyway I heard recently it’s better to lease a car than to buy one, can you please explain the mathematics and logic behind it?

    My thoughts are too occupied to figure this finance stuff out (namely by Mrs Hugzy-to-be, Anytime Relationships, and Fantasy EPL)


    • The Frugal Samurai

      Ha ha, you must have me confused with our friend from Canberra… anyway regarding your question I THINK that it’s to do with the expenses you can claim if you are self-employed or own your own business… please check with your accountant BUT to my knowledge it’s when you claim your “business” car expenses as a deduction against your income when its time to submit your taxes… the interest from the lease being tax-deductible…

      BTW your life sounds AMAZING, like someone who is on the lift to the penthouse level…

      (soothing lift music plays as a feminine voice announces) “level 40…41…45… now approaching level 50”

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