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Yes, that’s right party people, The Frugal Samurai is reporting back behind the Great Firewall!

Ahh Beijing, how I have missed you!

Seeing blue sky in China is as rare as seeing The Frugal Samurai…

It’s gonna be great to spend a couple of weeks with the extended family and friends, can’t wait to catch up with them all!

MrsFrugalSamurai is joining me for the second week – should be great showing her around the old haunts.

Been back in China a couple of days now and I have to say, the changes in the Motherland every time I get back is astounding.

This time last year, I was amazed at the technological advances – the free public wi-fi, cashless economy and convenience of the day-to-day at your fingertips.

Fast forward a year, and it’s the way the Government has tried to “clean” up the big cities.

There’s a big push to have Beijing and Shanghai into the tier 1 echelons of global cities, and the image that comes with it.

“Keep off the grasses” – you’re doing it wrong.

This is reflected by the sheer number of eyesore hole-in-the-wall shop-fronts bricked up and painted over, the tearing down and rebuilding of infrastructure and the construction of new buildings everywhere.

Not hard to see where all this is going in the years to come!

But you know what is the best part of being in China?

The food!

Far out, everywhere you see – there are various Chinese cuisine from all over the country.

Each region is famous for its own particular dish, and I’m lucky that Beijing has most, if not all the regions covered.

Do you want some Baozi with your vinegar sir?

Absolutely delish!

These last couple of days since I’m back, I’ve been pretty much just eating and wining with various Uncles and Aunties, some whom I’ve not seen in years.

Sometimes it’s been a bit overwhelming but hey! There’s nothing like a family gathering is there?

That’s the thing though right!

For those of us who left our homelands, our families and friends – going back each time has a special meaning.

None of this is felt more than by my parents.

You can see in their demeanours with the way they relax, speaking in their mother tongue and back amongst the people from their youth.

Good for them I say, there’s no place like home right?

Chilling out Chinese style!

As for moi?

I’m just damn excited that I can blog whilst I’m in China, it’s gonna be a real on-the-ground report back kinda experience!

Next time, I’ll have a few more days under my belt, so I’ll be sharing what I’ve seen, heard and encountered in the day-to-day, trust me it’s a fascinating place here.

Oh and of course, the most important – the FOOD!

Can’t wait!

Hope you enjoyed this post, would love to know what you think of China (good, bad, ugly) in the comments below!


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