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Cannabis… The New Frontier?

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The agent looks up, she is startled.

“Sorry I’m late, but my name is TheFrugalSamurai and I’m here for the inspection…?”


That’s right folks! Been like a busy bee these last few days working on the next couple of real estate deals.

Sadly between this and juggling full-time work, the blog has been put on the backburner a little bit – ARGH!

Hate it when that happens but can’t be helped.

We only have 24 hours in a day right!

BUT finally have a spare couple of minutes to let everyone know that don’t worry – I’m still here, still very much alive, still churning it out…just been… busy.

Busy with what you ask?

You know, bit of this, bit of that.

I know, I know – not revealing too much but honestly, can’t divulge too many details (but will reveal SOON, hopefully much sooner than you and I think, touch FOOKING WOOD).

Man I’m so amped right now could really use some anti-stimulants… stimulants… lants… hmm something cannabis-related perhaps? (Medicinal of course… please, PLEASE don’t call the cops – this is a PG rated, law-abiding, drug and alcohol free finance blog).

I say this because similar to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and alternative investments – cannabis (as most of us may know) is now a legal drug in Canada, Uruguay and across 10 or so states in the US (including California) as well as medically allowed in various other countries.

This has caused a few cannabis-based companies to publicly list on the global stock exchanges which has delivered some phenomenal returns (read here and here) to their early investors.

Image result for cannabis stock returns
Bubble much?

Myself personally I have no position or opinion on the investment potential in this new frontier because I don’t know anything about it.

But common sense would dictate that other countries would eventually follow Uruguay and Canada’s lead in this?

So like you, I’m trying to read up more on this topic – and wouldn’t you know, our friends at have kindly visualized (pun intended) what it’s all about.

Here’s the cool part 1 of the visual here:

The Story of Cannabis: What Investors Need to Know

Interesting, interesting – lots to inhale in this space it seems.

I’m still undecided and up in the air as to whether it’s got legs as an investment…

Don’t want it to go up in smoke you see.

OK, OK enough of the bad puns – seriously even I am cringing at myself.

There’s definite potential in this area.

Who would have thought that we would be discussing about this, I mean growing up – we were told that ALL drugs is bad, NEVER DO DRUGS and drugs will ruin your life (still very true).

But now we have what is essentially a drug, being legally categorized in the same band as cigarettes and alcohol.


The times, they are a-changing.


Sigh, break over – now back to IT.

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P.S. Seriously, say no to drugs – it ruins lives. Period.

P.S.S. Like any investment, make sure you research, research and research before jumping in… sit back, relax, smoke some we… watch some TV… just chill.



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