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Hello everyone!

Gosh, it feels so long since I’ve clickity clackity-ed on a blog post buuuuuut…

I’m back!

Been a full two months since the last one, and as I’ve read somewhere that it takes about 66 days for a new habit to form – I didn’t want to lose my writer’s touch.

Mind you, it’s not such a bad time to get back into writing – as today is day 1 of ANOTHER lockdown in Old Sydney Town.

Sigh, this nasty COVID business just won’t go away eh?

Kinda like a nasty bug you can’t shake off when you have the er, flu.

Anyhow, what have I been up to in the last 2 months you ask?

Um, THIS guy aka MiniFrugalSamurai:

Fruit of my loins.

Any newborn parent would know, the first few months is pretty easy.

Sleep, nappy, feed – rinse and repeat.

Like har-lo, so simpaul.

I’m JOKING guys, please don’t flame me.

Having a newborn is like what Tom Hanks said in that movie.

You know, the one where he is a fed-ex worker, stranded on a desert island called Normandy, attempting to find some guy named “Ryan”, whilst trying to cure his urinary tract infection he picked up as a prison guard.

The movie where he says, “life is like a box of cho-co-lates”.

Sleepless in Seattle is the name I think.

It is true though, you really don’t know what you’re gonna get with a newborn.

Every day is something different.

“Good day sir, I am in need of sustenance. I am ready to be served at my leisure”.

So that’s me, how ’bout you?

Oh wait, I neglected to mention.

Seeing as this is a finance blog and all.

But I have been monitoring the “financy” part of our life during this time even more closely.

For the moment, it hasn’t been too bad in terms of extra expenditure.

Sure there were one off expenses to get things ready, such as car seat, strollers, cots, and the like.

But through gifts, second-hands and hand-me-downs (thanks FRIENDS), we’ve managed to rein in costs on that front.

Maybe all up somewhere around the $5k mark? Not great, but OK.

Still, if I had to list the main ongoing ones, it’d be:

  • Nappies $50 every 3 weeks
  • Wet wipes $45 every month
  • Clothes $50 every month

That’s it.

We’re also quite lucky that MrsFrugalSamurai has more milk production than a Soviet-era factory.

So I know that formula costs are a bullet we’ve managed to dodge.

Ummm, apart from that – I can’t think of too many other costs… maybe it’d be the intangibles?

Such as how we have the heaters blasting away 24/7 these days.

Whereas before, any request would be met with “THAT’S WHAT CLOTHES ARE FOR WOMAN”.

Or the extra water we use for baths and showers and the LAUNDRY.

But I mean, surely he deserves to be CLEAN.

Oh I did forget about doctor’s visits.

Which can be exorbitant, especially for pediatricians, pediaticians, baby-doctors.

I think we’ve paid maybe $1k-ish so far for bits and pieces?

I did find this cool graphic from which highlights first year costs pretty well:


Although of course, without a doubt – the biggest cost and one which we’ll never ever get back…

…is time.

The amount of time MiniFrugalSamurai takes up is second to none.

And you know what?

I am lovin’ each and every minute of it.

There’s no other feeling than being the best Dad a man can be.

There, I said it.

Which reminds me… I think I need to go heat up that milk again.

Till next time then!

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  • steveark

    Kids are great no doubt about it. We raised three to very good adults. There might have been a moment or two of doubt but I think they are well worth the effort. And they don’t have to be expensive, ours weren’t but then we avoided private school costs, college costs and any major health costs so that helped. Sometimes those are not avoidable like they were for us. But those are way off in your future and you have time to prepare. And I have to say that’s one good looking little guy! Our babies came out looking a little, uh, mashed up? But they got way better.

    • The Frugal Samurai

      Thanks Steve! Yes, to tell the truth I think there’s too much “noise” made about the high financial cost of raising kids. Yes it is expensive, and yes it is a financial burden BUT, when you are in the moment – I think you just find a way. As parents, both MrsFrugalSamurai and I focus all our resources, time and energy into MiniFrugalSamurai… because, well – that’s just how it is right?

  • Aussie Minimalist Doc

    Just realised I have yet to offer my CONGRATS!! Keep us updated on the Frugal Sam Fam shenanigans!

    PS. as an alternative to expensive 24/7 heating, Mr AMD and I have bought Kmart Oodie knock-off’s for under $30 each, it’s like sheepskin with sleeves. They’ve reduced our need for heating by 85-90% easily. NOT saying you should suggest that as an option to Mrs FS…

    • The Frugal Samurai

      Hahaha thank you! And yes, I intend to keep everyone updated with the poo-xplosions and 3am feeds and what not! Well done on those Oodies btw, I do see FB ads for em and always wondered if they work, might give it a go ourselves now.

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