Hello everyone – I welcome you!

This is my first of (hopefully) many posts, and I am EXCITED. Made a commitment to myself to start up a business or get married this year. Well one out of two ain’t bad.

Not to say that this is a business by any stretch of the imagination (contact me to learn how to make $1m in 3minutes for $9.99, no seriously), I just like to write and if it brings you some laughs and merriment in your internet travels, then job well done me hearties.

Hopefully I got my act together by now on and have included a blurb as to who I am and what I am about but for the very first post I thought I would share how hard (easy?) it is to set up a website.

Believe me when I say that I have no clue whatsoever when it comes to technology, yet the power of goggle (oops I mean google) really knows no bounds – “how to set up a website” seemed like it has legs so off we went.

Apparently “Google” has been around since 1996 but no one has heard of them

A couple of DIY for dummies tutorials later, and its pretty much straight onto (always thought it was a porno website???) for a domain name and before you know it was born.  I hope I didn’t get ripped off my $118.96 but time will tell if its a worthy investment!

Seriously I don’t see the correlation of domain registration and wet t-shirts?

And you know what my millions of internet fans? Truly it is as simple as that…

… to create a website that is! NOW the hard part is to actually build a website from scratch with all the bells and whistles.  Its day 2 and categorically I am lost. WTF is SEO – is that to do with CEO? I thought I was the CEO? why do you need a Chief Executive Officer anyway, I mean why not just a Chief Officer – CO like Cobalt, now thats a real man’s chemical element according to Wiki: “The free element, produced by reductive smelting is a hard, lustrous, silver-gray metal”… hmmm on second thoughts wouldn’t want to meet Cobalt in the prison showers ifyerknowhatimean.

Cobalt – Humanity says No

Stop daydreaming man get back to this damn website.

Sigh, I’m sure I will get there or die a flaming internet meme death but it certainly has been more rewarding than spending $118.96 at the casino (ha! see what I did there) or spending it on a streetwalker and ham+cheese toastie after.

“Um… one ham and cheese toastie p…please”

I’m looking forward to dedicating myself to this website daily to create something masterful and exquisite so that when the Great ll Divino Michelangelo and myself finally meet the conversation will go like this:

Michelangelo: Hello thefrugalsamurai

Me: Hello… er who are you?

Michelangelo: I am the Great ll Divino Michelangelo

Me: What a strange name you have

Michelangelo: It is not strange PEASANT, it is Great

Me: Yes, OK – what do you want

Michelangelo: Can I borrow your pencil sharpener?

Me: OH EM GEE, That is like, so like 15th century YERRR like whatevr

Anyway – the conversation would not go like that at all.

Someone give this guy an Ipad pronto

So again, welcome, thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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