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Let’s Do It!

Do what you ask? Doing you!

What do you mean doing you? Here, let me explain.

Growing up we all had the belief (well I did anyway) that if you go to a good school, get good grades, get into a good uni, get a good job, you get a good career, find a good wo/man, get a good marriage…you get the point.

In my mid-20s I realized this was a fallacy.  My friends were mostly in very high paying jobs and in very high status vocations yet I look at them and all I see are sheep.

Not because they are warm and fuzzy and need a good shave once in a while (some do) but there is a lack of independent thought.  It is too easy to keep up with the Joneses in our society. Are they truly on their path to wealth and financial freedom as they so often remark? So when I say…

“…Hang on hang on, let’s take a step back first.”

Sigh, OK – in my early-20’s I was racked with jealousy. My friends were mostly in very high paying jobs and in very high status vocations and I see them and I wanted to be them.  They could afford the latest gadgets -> Iphone 4 YOLO! Blackberry 8700 and something called the Ipad.

They went on overseas holidays seemingly every 2nd week according to my daily newsfeed: Facebook and were just so damn LIQUID baby.  They regaled each other about their clubbing adventures and damnit man if I also didn’t want to get some handloving motions from that 8 in a tight top at Bamboo (Bamboo was a nightclub at the time not the commonly assumed sweet sweet nectar of Pandas). What could I do? I was trapped in my own mental state, for you see…

“…STOP getting ahead of yourself, take it ALL the way back”.

OK FAR OUT – In my teens (ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?) I was so nervous, I wasn’t on the fast track to having good grades although attended a top academic high school, my friends all had better grades and I knew would have better marks than I come our year 12 finals. I was scared of letting my parents down, scared of letting myself down and generally unsure of myself.  All this pressure because we were taught from basically everyone that at 17/18 years old there was one examination period which would determine your life – whether you were a downright success and went home to “fk the prom queen”

Image result for the rock fuck the prom queen
Whoa, James Bond is angry…

or basically just end it right there you poor sorry excuse of a human.  Looking back on it there were moments when…

“…NO still not far enough”.


“Just take it back one more time”.

OK FINE – Growing up through PRIMARY SCHOOL (far back now surely?) I was loving life; making lots of friends, diligently studying so I could sit the Selective School exams in year 6 yet still having the freedom and time to play ISS98 on my N64 whenever I could (Sheoarer MVP surely).

Life was simpler and it basically involved making 2 parties happy – my teachers and my parents.  Get those 2 suckers on board and life was sweet. Simple formula right – listen to what they say, they know best, yes sir, no sir, under the boardwalk sir.  As long as they were happy then you were happy, was so easy really and then…



“Sigh, some people just don’t get it, anyway ignore him – he should have started at the BEGINNING”.

Growing up as a child, life was FANTASTIC – no responsibilities, no stress, no worries, and a general state of no fucks given – the world revolved around you (it seemed) and you were doing what you did best, doing you.

Honestly you did not know better.  You didn’t know about the 8 at Bamboo, you didn’t know about a high status vocation, you didn’t know about finding a good man or woman for marriage so in essence you were as ignorant as you could be.

Without any of this knowledge, how could you care about anything? You could only care about DOING YOU.  That’s right, all your thoughts and all your actions were about yourself and you were HAPPY.  Isn’t that what life should be all about?

I realized this in my mid-20’s at probably the darkest period in my life (as in mentally, I didn’t suddenly turn a darker shade of hue, I’m not a lizard).  When I figured it all out it was a lightbulb moment.  Here, this is what I mean:

“I’m Doing Me, I’m Doing Me, I’m Doing Me – yeah baby DOING ME. Clear as mud I say but bear with me…”

…You see this is where most of us stuff up, myself included – we just grew up.

We learnt that the circumference of a circle is 2πr, we learnt that people think you’re odd if you suddenly start watching porn in a lecture hall (seriously surely that’s the BEST time), we learnt that we have to action our line manager’s request (directive) within 4 business hours and above all we learnt that hey to make us feel good we have to be “better” than everyone else, whether mentally, emotionally, financially, physically or spiritually.

This is completely against the Doing Me concept and why many of us are deep down unsatisfied with life.

Think back to when it all began, what truly makes you happy, it may be the status quo and if so Great! Good on you, but if it isn’t I challenge you to make one small change to your life which would make a difference to really Doing You.

“HEY sounds like the ABBA song in disguise,




I digress.

Seriously though, if you want to eat vaseline and it’s doing you, you go do it:

Man gotta love that guy.

All I am saying is find an area in your life tomorrow which you have always done because it makes someone else happy and be selfish – DON’T do them, go DO YOU!

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P.S if you are a sexual deviant or are homicidal in nature, then please please please DO NOT do you, in fact, do not do anybody – just stay calm and remain as you are, you have plenty on your plate currently so no need to get greedy and let your inner self come alive.  Please be unselfish and speak to someone who can help, society thanks you.


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