Oh Ba Dear

Oh Ba Dear as my friend Mycall would say, not at all how I planned this would go, no not at all.

Why do I say that? Well this blog was supposed to be anonymous and a means for me to reach out to the world in the comfort of my own personal space, hiding behind the veil of anonymity of the interwebs and laughing out loud at the folly of humankind (you mean you play Pokemon Go because it makes you move your legs? Sheeet, I thought walking does that too).

Sorry officer, but I believe there’s a Rattata over yonder.

This lasted a whole 2 days before I was found out like a leper and had my identity posted on Facebook.

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Which, as we all know is a much more effective medium of identification than a 100 point ID check. What’s wrong with that I hear you say (you probably didn’t), well it makes me feel so DIRTY (leper leper pants on… oh nevermind).  I’ve always shunned publicity (the irony) but this blog is a means of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and indulging in my passion of writing.  HEY! Passion… passion… that reminds me…

Oh yeah! I asked MrsFrugalSamurai-to-be on her thoughts on my two previous posts and she nonchalantly remarked, “well you know, it’s OK – you should probably write more about your passion”.

“I WRITE WHAT I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT WOMAN” is not what I said in response.

Anyway coming back to my point, so many people these days all have the same cliched line – “find your passion”, “do what you love”, “work on your passion” and so on, yet what is passion really?  Tell me, do you know what your passion is? Did you find it? Are you doing it? Working on it?

Way I see it, passion is writing a blog at 1am on a Saturday morning when you can so easily do other things.  You know, like sleeping, yeah why not just sleep instead.  Because sleep is for those who are BROKE. WHOA take it easy there tiger.

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This is a lie, human beings require sleep in order to survive.

Passion is what makes you feel good about yourself, its not working paycheque to paycheque or helping your boss make their dreams come true (unless you love doing those two things in which case I envy you), its about those 2 hours of daily follow-ups to interstate real estate agents when you first started out your property portfolio, those 100 minutes of daily research in fantasy sports games so you can say you’re a better fantasy manager than your n00b friends, those daily journal entries and notes you write to no one but yourself to ensure you can still string two coherent secentence, sentnces, scentenses, oh fuck it – ensure you can still write. That’s passion.

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So true, so true.

You may think to yourself – HEY FOOL don’t tell me what passion is – I’m passionate about sports, or I’m passionate about giving to charity, or I can make passionate love. That’s all fine and dandy, but let’s take the first example. Can you tell me you are truly passionate about sports? Why not work in a sports related industry? Why not become a sports journalist – there are plenty of freelance opportunities out there.  You’ll be immersed in sports non-stop then.  You may be playing sports regularly, why not be more involved? Why not become a referee, a coach, an admin? No, you are just passionate about exercise in a competitive environment.  A subtle difference but a difference.

This is why many people fail in their pursuits.  They don’t truly understand their passion and apply broad brushstrokes without going into the specifics.  Until you can say “I am passionate about investing in the Sydney housing market because a) it has generated 70.3% growth for the 5 years to Dec16 b) has over 5m inhabitants and this population grew 1.7% at end of FY16 c) would still require 725,000 additional dwellings over next 20 years to meet forecast demand d) am willing to dedicate X minutes/hours of solid research and on the ground networking to identify future opportunities – unless you can say all that then I’m sorry you can’t say you are passionate about investing in the Sydney housing market. (Those numbers “should” be true, like any whizz kid, I learnt how to use Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V at an early age).

Some of you will be thinking – who is this guy, telling me all this – what gives him the right? To those of you I say, you are missing the point (please note that the point is not that the Sydney Housing Market is a can’t lose investment proposition, if you believe that you may as well transfer me $100,000 and I will “invest” it for you).

Some others may think – I just want to watch a funny video with Spanish subtitles, well here you go:

Hopefully the rest of you still remaining will be nodding your heads in silent agreement at the profoundness of my incredible insights. Go back and re-calibrate your passions, maybe you have not achieved progress because you misidentified your passion. It’s never too late to change!

I am curious as to what your true passions are, please leave a comment and let me know!

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P.S Now that I have been found out – I HAVE to continue with this blog, rain, hail or shine – well the weather conditions shouldn’t matter really as I should be writing indoors. Not sure why anyone would post a blog in hail conditions out in the elements when there’s a roof over your head indoors to keep them out where they belong. I’ve always thought roofs were designed for that purpose.

P.P.S I had a quick look at my blog stats (couldn’t avoid it, its on the front page) and was pleasantly surprised to see that someone viewed it from the MALDIVES, FUCK YEAH – THEFRUGALSAMURAI has gone INTERNATIONAL BABY (not saying countries like the United States and Taiwan are not countries, ((well when you think about it China owns both)) but hey MAL-FREAKING-DIVES) so a MASSIVE thank you to all who have viewed!!!

P.P.P.S I just realized that MrsFrugalSamurai-to-be was right, I didn’t end up writing about my own passions after all, but then again I did write and writing is my passion, so you know… sigh the mysteries of life…

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