This Too Shall Pass

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Been a very challenging week in TheFrugalSamurai household this week guys…

Won’t go into details but suffice to say that it’s put a complete spanner in our lives.

It came completely out of left field and unfortunately has meant the proverbial storm clouds are forever languishing once more.

Really? Again?

I mean Geez Laweez, we’ve had a rough few years recently – close relatives passing, job uncertainty, family illnesses… sigh.

And just when things have quieten down an itty bitty bit… now this.

Sucker punch after sucker punch.

When does it get better I have to ask?

It’s moments like these when we need some form of inspiration or hope or motivation or whatever you want to call it.

And I come back time and again to one of my favourite sayings.

This Too Shall Pass.

Somehow, it has the effect to make me a happier person when sad and a sadder person when happy with the realization that the best and worst of times will all pass eventually.

The origin of the quote is from Ancient times, when the ruler of a powerful Persian state called his sages together and asked them to find a quote that accurately depicts all times and all situations.

They wise old owls consulted with one another, went into deep contemplation and finally presented him with a ring with the indelible words… This Too Shall Pass.

And it’s those words which I’ll take going forward into the next chapters of life, onto the long and winding road ahead.

Because as another wise man once said “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, it’s all relative.

Such is the serendipity of life.

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