LeanFIRE Going Overboard?

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Can I just say that I’m a little bit overwhelmed with FIRE these days… especially LeanFire.

What’s LeanFIRE?

That’s where you try to be “financially independent and retire early – FIRE” by being as “lean” as possible…

Um so in other words, saving your way to being financially free.

Why do I say I’m overwhelmed?

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Just too much.

Some of the FIRE social media groups which I am involved in, well, some of the posters take it to an extreme level, even for me.

Some examples include:

  • People not purchasing TOILET PAPER because they make do with a bidet and flannel cloth to dry off – it’s the 21st century people, come ON.
  • We’re all trying to go the DIY route these days. Yes, the old Youtube tutorials work a treat, but DIY on life-threatening electrical, heating and wiring?! Seriously, just hire a licensed professional… can’t put a price on your life.
  • Food. Everyone makes their own food. It’s fun, it’s tasty, it’s healthy – but there’s a line! And too many times I see it crossed with either poor nutrition, or… just skipping meals entirely (some rely on one meal a day).
  • Living space – how to live in as confined of a space as possible. I’m a 6 foot male… enough said.
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Cos why not?


Look, I get it, everything is expensive these days.

We want to “retire” off the rat race as soon as possible, be in control of our time, and generally do what we want with who we want.

But come on boys and girls – there are limits no?

Some of what has been posted, I’m just sitting here and wondering WHAT is going on.

I would like to say that childhood conditioning has left me “frugal”, however even I knew to use clean, virginal toilet paper after going…

Image result for toilet paper
So soft… so pure… so chaste…

Or that sometimes when I’m hungry, sometimes I just have to eat.

Look Ahead

When we are young and healthy, we think that nothing can hurt us, so we take shortcuts to try and speed the process up.

But it’s only when we are older that we see the consequences of our actions.

So for goodness sake… just use toilet paper… nothing beats its soft caress, believe me.

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