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I’m Still Here!

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So I thought it best to shoot out a quick post just to let everyone know that yes, I am still alive and no, I have not forgotten about you.

It’s just been TOO much this past week.

I wrote last time (read here) that I had embarked on a whirlwind property scouting weekend a few days ago…

And what a few days since!

You see, I had shortlisted and viewed a couple of dozen or so properties in those two days, and now it’s time to get stuck into due diligence.

So please excuse me as I’ve been trying to cull this one here and research that one there.

All this with juggling work and a couple of other projects we’ve got on the go.


Mind you, that’s partly why I’m writing tonight.

The other reason is I wanted to comment on what I saw during my evening walk just then.

As I was walking through the usual route, I noticed that a young lady, completely decked out in exercise gear proceeded to attempt a monumental effort to work up a sweat.

After a couple of minutes, she stopped. Pulled out her phone, and began to engage in a monologue in what I can only assume to be via social media.

“Just finished an hour’s run! SO PUMPED guys! ZOMG”

Really? What I’ve deemed to be no more than 5 minutes has turned into an hour?

I was mulling over the three dozen or so properties I had viewed, but this got me thinking, (I don’t always think, but when I do, I try to er…um, think).

Duncha think that it’s how much of our society are these days, that it’s all perception based?

I mean, she could be a social bigwig, in which case it’s sad how her perception is built on fallacies.

Or she could just be a casual user, in which case it’s sadder still.

Then it got me thinking how much effort and hard work really counts these days in our modern world. And how doer’s don’t say, and sayer’s don’t do…

Everyone wants to create an illusion of themselves.

Oh well, back to property research… have about four dozen properties to research y’see.

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