My Friend’s Lessons In Love And Finance

Ding, Dong, the witch is dead!

Which old witch?

The Wicked Witch!

Sorry guys, had that humming in my head all day, my friend Juggsy’s been love-struck recently and been moaning about his “witch” – (some mythical creature none of us has seen) which has his heart on a string.

Poor bastard, he falls head over heels EACH time a girl flutters her eyelids at him. “LEAVE ME ALONE, I just want to play the piano and stroke my baby’s hair”.

Just wow, REALLY feel for him.

But the more I think about Juggsy’s predicament the more I can see parallel’s between what he’s going through with lurve to what I went through with finance.

Image result for love and finance
Both cost money.

First and foremost, Juggsy’s a good guy with a good heart – so many of us are. But in love, guys with good hearts get killed first.

“Hey I won’t be able to make it tonight, too busy”

“But, I’ve been waiting for two hou…CLICK”

This is similar to finance – if you’re a good guy with a good heart, the sharks come to you for a feed first.

Lesson for Juggsy – fight off the sharks.

Secondly, Juggsy’s heart flutters each time he looks at a female with a pulse, he can’t say NO. It’s in his nature and he knows this.

No matter how hard he tries, if she says hello to him at the mall – she’s the next Mrs Juggsy. She’s perfect.

Image result for electromagnetic pulse
Um… not this kind of pulse.

This is similar in finance – there are so many investment vehicles, options and alternatives out there that it’s hard not to notice people who make money from anything and everything.

These days, we have stocks at record highs, cryptocurrency at record highs, housing at record highs, we all know people who have done fantastically well from them.


Only problem is everyone highlights their success and so very, very few actually showcase their failures, you have to scratch the surface to see if she is Mrs perfect.

Lesson for Juggsy – don’t get too emotional if something attractive reaches out to you and sings to your heart at the start.

Image result for beyonce
Sorry B – have to scratch your surface first.

Thirdly, following on from the previous point, with the few who show their vulnerabilities and failures, explore them further, they tend to be more transparent.

I really like that guy from “The Big Short” Michael Burry aka Christian Bale who when narrating how he met his wife stated that in his profile online he described himself frankly as “a medical resident with only one eye, an awkward social manner, and $145,000 in student loans”.

The honesty is refreshingly different – mind you he did make over $100m from the GFC with his one eye. I think it’s because he could only see the buy side, not the sell side, oh wait, the big short… so the sell side not the buy side? Doesn’t matter, big kudos to him.

Point being, if you know what you’re getting into, your expectations should match reality. It’s only when expectations don’t match reality that we are disappointed – like that time I really wanted a McDonald’s Chocolate Sundae but they ran out of Chocolate, who runs out of Chocolate, McDonald’s, why?

Similar to investments, if you understand what you’re getting into – you’ll make better decisions. If it doesn’t feel right at the beginning, chances are it won’t be at the end.

Lesson for Juggsy – if she shows her ugly side at the start, don’t expect her to stay beautiful.

Image result for witch flying
I’m more of a dog person.

There you have it folks a… WOW – TheFrugalSamurai, you’re amazing! Did you just highlight the similarities between love and finance? 

No, no, I’m just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose remember?

You’re great TheFrugalSamurai – I wish you can have my babies!

No thank you, I wouldn’t know where to put them.

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