Valentine’s Day

Lurve is in the air!

Yes indeedy boys and girls, it’s Valentine’s Day Feb 14th.

Tis the special day for romantic love each and every year.

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Merry Chris… oh oops wrong day.

I’m going to keep this post short because MrsFrugalSamurai-to-be and I just came back from dinner, and it’s wayyyy past our bedtimes.

Fact is though tonight we saw many, many couples out and about – one’s who have just started dating, one’s who have been dating for ages, married couples, young, old, it didn’t matter – if there ever was a reason to head out with your partner in love, tonight was it.

But TheFrugalSamurai! Didn’t you know that Valentine’s Day originated in Ancient Rome? That the origins were nothing like what they are now?

Of course I did, I can Google as well as the next person.

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“Buy some chocolate they said, just write a card they said… “

Plenty of my friends and work colleagues have remarked cynically on the rampant consumerism Valentine’s Day has become – I know a florist who claimed that over a third of her yearly revenue came from this one day – but beyond the flowers, the candy and chocolates, beyond the gift cards and soft toys, lies the reason why Valentine’s Day is so special.

One of the most important decisions a person can make is to choose their life partner – someone to share the ups, the downs and the downright crazy moments life can throw at you.

We live in an age where our lives are moving at the speed of light – some days are slower, some days are faster but each day flies by quick.

Sometimes, you need a moment to step back and smell the roses.

I’m glad we have a day dedicated to our dearly beloved to remind us that we should never take them for granted, that they are what truly makes life special, that if you are lucky enough to have found your best friend, your partner in crime, don’t let them go.

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And you know what? If it means buying some chocolate or some roses that make a florist or two happy – then I’m down with that.

Cos life’s too short to not spend it with you.

“Looks at mirror”.

Haha – only joking, she knows who she is!

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