3 More Things I’ve Learnt From Planning A Wedding (So Far)

“Tick tock, tick tock…”

What’s that sound? Whose watch is broken? Where’s the bomb located? Shall we sell this grandfather clock? Tell me QUICKLY.

Whoa, calm down please, it’s just the days, hours and minutes counting down to MrsFrugalSamurai-to-be and I’s big day.

oh… is that all.

What you mean – is that all, with a couple of months to go – things are starting to heat up!

Surprisingly though, our head space is relatively calm considering the timeline.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a ton of stuff to do, plenty of items to be ticked off and surprises just waiting to rear their ugly heads around the corner.

Image result for surprise fail gif

But we’ll just keep on chipping away at it until it gets done.

We were discussing the wedding preparation with my parents the other night and I shared with them 3 things we’ve learnt in the past month planning this wedding.

Wedding Planner.

I’ve said before in one of my earlier posts that if you have the budget and inclination, seriously consider engaging a professional to help you both out.

Especially if you were like us, two peas in a pod without a clue as to how big a task planning a wedding actually is.

But to be honest, I was initially very skeptical about hiring someone to plan our wedding – I mean, would they really know “us” and do a good job?

After a few meetings with the planner, I realized – fool, hell yes.

You see, a good wedding planner is there to act as a guide, to keep you both on the right path and on time with the multitude of tasks to complete.

Image result for navigation fail
How planning a wedding feels like.

Also, they have contacts, networks and suppliers all ready and waiting, chances are they should be able to source them at good, clean, wholesome rates – compared to paying retail if we had to DIY.

There’s SO much to do.

You can outsource the majority of tasks to a wedding planner, but you can’t outsource everything.

In fact, the minority remaining can still make you want to tear each other’s hair out.

When we first met with our planner, we were given a full A3 sized sheet regarding what needed to be done.

Here I was thinking that it’d be a walk in the park…

Image result for jurassic park walk scene
A scene from a famous romantic comedy.

“I’ll take care of this section here, you guys do this, this, this and this”

“Oh sure, no problem, we can get it done by next mo…”

“And then when you’re back next week, we’ll talk about this, this and that one over here”


I’ve read up on some military operations which didn’t need to be this clinical.

She’s the Pilot.

Sometimes it may feel as if the bride is calling all the shots, actually it feels like that ALL the time.

If I can be so bold, I think this period is when the majority of relationships shift in the balance of power.

Man, from the moment she says “Yes”, she’s saying yes to the fact that’s shes got you, right where she wants ya.

Related image
What she sees when she says yes.

This carries into the wedding planning stage.

“Hey, what you think of this?”

“Um, it’s nice but not very necessary right?”

“What’s your credit card PIN number again”

“Happy wife, happy life” – that saying certainly came from one man who decided, fuck it – I can’t deal with planning this wedding anymore, I’ll let her do it.

And they lived happily ever after…

There you have it guys – 3 short learnings I’ve encountered since the last post (here) on this Wedding series.

I’ll continue to write them up as we move ever closer to the big date, look out for them!

One final thing, thank you all for reading and please feel free to share if you have any tips, advice, stories or general musings by commenting below!

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