Attitude Not Aptitude Determines Your Altitude!

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всем привет!

How’s everyone’s weekend going, all ready and pumped up for Monday?!!!

What’s happening on Monday?

Nothing special, just the start of the working week – back to it WOOOOOooo!

Why are you so cheery?

Because it’s good to be ALIVE people!


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Ha ha! Too much for you? Attitude not aptitude guys!

Wait! Where are you going? Come back!

You see, I haven’t “lost it” or cracked – I’m just really excited.

What about? Well, about everything – work, life, love – whatever!

I mean, do you really need a particular reason to feel excited?

These days, if you walk on the street, talk to your peers and read the media – you’d be forgiven to think that we can’t afford anything, that crime in our neighbourhoods is rampant and we won’t be able to get anywhere in life – without one long, hard and bleak struggle.

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Moral of this movie is to study Geology.

“I don’t want that stranger near my kids!” People are evil, be suspicious of people.

“Damn, we’ll never be able to afford a house now!” Buying a home is impossible, might as well YOLO.

“If only I could meet Mr Right – it’ll be easier then!” Stacking your dreams and goals onto another person… yeah right.

The truth is though, for over six millennia – it’s always been like this.

We’ve had high hopes, lofty dreams and wild ambitions.

We’ve met resounding failures and outstanding successes.

We’ve all experienced the wheel of life constantly turning, playing our emotions like the pied piper.

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Fk me, stuff of nightmares this.

Sometimes though, the music stops – we look around and we find ourselves lost.

Lost from all the change, from the noise, from the chaos. We begin to fear.

We fear because we stepped outside comfort zones. QUICK, how do I step back in?!?!

Fear, as told by a famous green goblin – leads to the dark side:

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”. 

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“So this guy called Luke comes to me the other day…”

All this negativity – no wonder when you look around you on the Monday morning commute, you see people with furrowed brows and dispassionate looks. Facing the 9 to 5 with another countdown to Friday and the weekend.

But it doesn’t have to be so!

Because in life, the only sure thing are death and taxes.

Any and every thing else is about persistent and variable patterns of change.

Changes in lifestyle, changes in relationships, changes in careers, technology, finances, family and personal circumstances – change is constant.

This is why we must learn to better ourselves amidst the onslaught of perpetual change.


It’s the ones who acknowledge change, looks it in the face and asks themselves “how can I better myself now?” that ultimately will succeed.

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There, there, Hakuna Matata young Simba!

Because you see, us humans – we’re a pretty resilient bunch.

It’s in our DNA to grow and prosper – it’s why we rose to the top of the food chain.

Our attitude determines whether we watch TV or learn a new craft.

Our attitude determines whether we stay back to finish the project, or come back and finish it tomorrow.

Our attitude determines whether we accept responsibility for our failures, or we point fingers at others.

And it’s our attitude which determines how much integrity we have, how much action we take, whether we go forwards or backwards and eventually, whether we succeed or fail.

Our attitude creates paths, options and possibilities – and which in turn deduce RESULTS.

That’s the name of the game really.

In life – you can be the best partner, friend, colleague and worker.

But if your attitude isn’t there – then no one else will realize it.

Wouldn’t that be a shame?

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