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What a monumental election that was last night guys!

For those of us who aren’t aware, here in Oz – we just had the federal election across the country to select the ruling government and Prime Minister.

The incumbent liberal coalition party (think, the UK conservatives, or US Republicans) was tipped to lose by a landslide, given all the kerfuffle which they’ve put us all through in the last couple of years (I’ll spare you the details, but a lot’s to do with the rotating chair of prime ministers).

So it was a bit of a shock to see them be elected again over the Labor party, even the bookies were caught out (read here).

Ahhh politics, you just never know these days right?

Still, you’d want to hope that after it’s over, they can just get on with ruling and get our economy back in shape.

And even then, the political environment of the last few years has made it clear that you definitely can’t rely on the government for assistance or financial help like in the past – it’s all up to us!

Which brings me again to another version of “What I’m Viewing” – a short selection of articles, videos and links I’ve found useful in the last couple weeks to assist us on our journey…

Australian Economic Growth Slows, Enters Per Capita Recession

Speaking of the economy, Business Insider points out that well… the Oz economy ain’t doing so good.

Figures in the December 18 quarter shows that we entered a “per capita” recession, which means that without population growth… the economy went backwards two quarters in a row.

Harrowing stuff.

How to Invest in a Turbulent Market

Which brings us to a bit of guidance from Behavioural Value Investor, on what to do during these times of volatility.

They’ve kindly written out a blueprint and you could do worse than follow it.

What with the Trade War, Brexit, US/Iran tensions… it ain’t too bad to get a bit of help and work out what to do.

Editor’s note: SELL!, SELL!, SELL! No wait… BUY! BUY! BUY! Oh darnit…

The Will to Survive

This is an interesting piece regarding the fact that “…In the world of investing, you don’t have to be bold.  You don’t need to find alpha (out-performance).  You just need to survive…” 

It highlights that over the long-term, the great survivors are the true investment winners.

“I think a lot of what applies to our world of professional management, but also investors, is you just wanna stay in the game…the biggest important thing is to make sure that you live to invest another day.  A lot of the very basic stupid mistakes are the most important things to avoid”.

Opportunity Costs Just Went Up

Ahhh another gem from Seth Godin.

Here he explains the concept of opportunity cost and marginal utility in the way only he knows how.

“…Opportunity cost is the key to making decisions. Once you know the value of the alternatives you’re giving up, you can be smarter about what you’re choosing to do…”

Too true Seth, too true… like posting this blog for example… I could be learning how to juggle oranges, or how to draw a perfect circle… or even gnitirw sdrawkcab.


The Twenty Craziest Investing Facts Ever

Here’s something quirky. Twenty random facts which just goes to show that sometimes there really ain’t any rules in investing.

Things like:

7. At the low in 2009, U.S. stocks were back to where they were in 1996.

Or how about:

8. At the low in 2009, Japanese stocks were back to where they were in 1980.

Just wow.


So there ya go boys and girls, a short summary of what I’ve found interesting in the last couple of weeks.

There’s always something to read, something to learn, just gotta know where to look!


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  • monidipa51

    I have some friends from Australia who told about election there. Even we r having a pm election here in india too. I really hope your country does well under the pm.

  • Reika Misaki

    It’s really nice to know that you’re enjoying what you’re reading and what you’ve learned. It’s an added knowledge and I know most of us do that everyday. Thanks for sharing this.

  • wanderwithola

    I visited Melbourne half a year ago, and I was really surprised when one of the taxi drivers told me that Australia has had quite a few of prime ministers over the last 10 years. Hope the chosen Prime Minister will do a better job this time! ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

  • Rebecca Smith

    Thank you for sharing what you have been reading and a little about the political landscape in Australia. I had heard snippets from FB friends out there but wasn’t too sure on the details.

  • Jelena

    Oh, I live in Serbia… I can`t stand more talks about politics and economics. This is all day and everyday main subject here. Do you know what is funny- our government declares post, and they want to starve because they are not satisfied with opposition. Can be anything stupid more than that?

    • The Frugal Samurai

      Oh yes, I’ve read a bit on Serbia and the history of the Balkans so totally get ya… it’s such a controversial topic right? Haha yeah… who knows how politicians think (they don’t).

  • lavieenmay

    Stock market is a tricky beast – what I find works best is patience. If you’re investing for the long term, there’s not really a wrong time to go in. You don’t necessarily want to go in while the market is extremely hot because once it corrects, it will take a while to get back up there. Otherwise, it’s really about investing in safe index funds and if you want, maybe taking some risks with stocks. Would love to hear more about your experience in investing and what you decide to invest in.

    May from

    • The Frugal Samurai

      YES! Patience I think is absolute key, everyone wants to be a millionaire yesterday… and indexing, can’t go too much wrong with that right. Pity it’s so “boring” (but that’s what makes it great). Thanks for reading and yes, I should put a post on that soon!

  • kidneyfornikki

    It’s always interesting to hear that other countries have the same types of issues that we are having in our country. I also still find how high the stock market in now compared to the 80s amazing. I guess I didn’t have much imagination in my high school government/econ class.

  • blair villanueva

    Here in the Philippines, our election also just finished and surprisingly almost 90% of the newly elected officials are PRO-govt. Politics is truly a tricky industry.

    • The Frugal Samurai

      Yeah your president seems like a real “do-er” (outsider’s perspective), not sure if that is a good or a bad thing but he does seem like to say something and then just do it… is that a good thing? Seems like the people like it though?

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