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February Net Wealth Update

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What a rollercoaster the month of February was!

I think the main theme has got to be the Coronavirus.

Specifically, it’s impact across the global economy and the associated drop in share markets world-wide.

I think the vast majority of investors – professional or not, have been caught up in the volatility.

I am no different, and the overall net wealth has taken a bit of a hit. If you want to read about January’s numbers – you can do so here.

Net Wealth

Important Notes

The numbers (apart from the individual shares), are rounded given property is an illiquid asset (meaning values are not representation of sale price), and superannuation is a long-long-term asset.

The property values are based off guesstimates, and I couldn’t find any comparables which suggest any price growth occurred between last month.

I moved some cash into the loans which explain some of the difference between the loan balances reducing and my overall cash position reducing as well.

February Update

  • As you can see, Stock 1 has been crushed, I’m down about $26k or so from that one position. NIGHTMARE.
  • Surprisingly the stocks in super did OK, some actually went UP (wtf?). Although they are in healthcare so maybe that has something to do with it. I’ve re-allocated the balance of investment options into cash, as there is some decent value in the market at the moment.
  • I’m currently monitoring and will be ready to deploy some cash into equities soon –  I am still of the belief that the market will rebound quite strongly once things calm down.
  • The other highlight was the purchase of another property, which I wrote about earlier (here), a small gain of $10k already.
  • Also put up a property for sale. If it ever sells, I’ll discuss the what, where, why etc. Stay tuned!

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