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January Net Wealth Update

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Hello everyone!

Welcome back for another episode of The Frugal Samurai.

So I was thinking that it’s been a long time since I’ve shared with you all regarding my net wealth.

Indeed, the last time was this post back in Sept 2017 (you can read it here My numbers revealed…)

Incidentally, it also received one of the highest views on this blog (everyone loves a peek behind the curtains).

I can understand why, naturally as a personal finance blog, it makes sense to be as transparent as possible with you guys, so apologies for not doing it earlier.

Going forward, I’ll aim to make this a monthly thing – perhaps at the end of each month.

Let’s jump straight into it!

Net Wealth

Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy app or a glossy program to calculate my net wealth.

I’ve always just used a simple spreadsheet which I plug numbers into every few months or so.

Here it is as of today:

Important Notes

Obviously you may have a few questions about the numbers and I’ll try my best to answer them here.

I think I’ll just copy and paste this section going forward to appease any new reader’s question(s).

The property values are guesstimates only.

I’ve based these off online valuations, RP Data (Corelogic) valuations, sale price of comparable properties and work-tools.

Also values are not representation of sale price – this is very important to distinguish as property is an illiquid asset, it is NOT easily saleable, and sale prices (and hence equity) will differ. Things can, and do go to shit quite quickly (and often).

As you can see, the first property did much of the heavy lifting. That’s just how it goes – it’s about time in the market (and lucky timing), as well as a decent location (Sydney).

I have not included any rent, dividend or income details.

I’ve tried to round the numbers to the nearest $1,000 where I can, up or down, so I think it works out about even.

I have not included my credit card details – I only have the 1 credit card with a $6k limit.

But I also haven’t included other random bits and pieces I own either, my car, electronics, household items, equity share in a live dinosaur theme park, source code to something called “The Matrix” etc. etc.

Finally, this is just my own numbers, I won’t be posting anything on MrsFrugalSamurai’s ones – unless she wants me to.

January Update

It was a bit up and down in January… let’s see:

  • I finally got around to doing my tax return, which received a small refund.
  • Stock 1 got absolutely crushed with a poor earnings announcement, down about 20% F M L (funny story I’ll tell another time about the why, what, when, where and how).
  • I think I’ll try and explore ETF’s and index hugging a bit more, given how Stock 1 did, I was CRUISING. Not anymore.
  • That’s about it, oh yeah, also bought… oh wait, Mum’s the word right now, don’t want to jinx anything.

See you guys for another update in February!

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    I think it might be time you to stop gambling on, sorry I mean stuffing around with, sorry I mean picking, yes picking shares

    And instead start buying and holding some index tracking funds like VDHG or VAS+VGS or A200+VTS+VEU

    Suggest you read this

    and then maybe this

    You obviously are all over the property part of things but looks to me like you are still under the illusion that you can beat the an index when it comes to investing

    Best of luck,

    • The Frugal Samurai

      Hehe nice nice Zennon, I see what you did there. And many thanks for those links – they’re very insightful! You’re right though, I am under an illusion, which is why I’ve given myself a couple of years to see if I can still outperform the index, otherwise might as well do as you suggest, all in indexing and kick the feet up!

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