Hump Day

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho it’s off to work we go.

Hello again friends!

Heigh Ho indeed for most of us although luckily it’s Wednesday which means HUMP DAY!

This is the last known sighting of the men wanted by the FBI linked to a high-profile missing persons case.

Hump day’s term came about because you know naturally the seven day week is like a camel, and Wednesday which falls in the middle is the “hump” or midpoint of the week, get over this hump and it’s a smooth downhill ride to Thursday and then it’s FRIDAY BITCHES and the promised land of weekend goodness.

But sir, what if you have a two-humped camel? … sigh, life is hard.

Hump day was not named after this camel.

When did this concept of hump-day come into existence? You see, growing up as children we learnt that Wednesday is known simply as “Wednesday”.

These days there are so many feelings associated with different days of the week:

Monday- ARGH not MONDAY!

Tuesday -a redundant day, nothing happens on Tuesday.

Wednesday – hump day.

Come to work they said. It’s hump day they said. It’ll be great they said.

Thursday – not quite Friday.

Friday – everyone is happy on this day and the world is whole again.

Saturday – time to go hard and PARTY PEOPLE WOOP, THERE IT IS!

Sunday – rest and relax, let me Zzzzz.

And the wheel turns again.

This hamster is doing it right.

Increasingly it seems that the days of the week determine our mood and our attitude. Whilst at work today there were around 4 or 5 comments about hump day.

“Don’t worry it’s hump day, weekend here soon”, “damnit, I just want to get over hump day”, “hey thefrugalsamurai, you suck”. NO YOU SUCK BARRY YOU FFFFFF.

When did this happen? When did we associate our moods, thoughts and feelings to the different days of the week?

Our dreams and goals don’t care what day it is – they sit there mocking our ways. Feeble humans – no wonder you can’t touch this.

I… I don’t think I want to s…sir.

Hey, I built my multi-million dollar business working only Monday, Tuesday and some of Wednesday, you can too!

Hey, I created my property empire by calling agents and researching properties on Monday and Tuesday, it’s so easy bro.

Hey, I wooed the girl of my dreams by only seeing her on Monday nights, she’s so amazing.

We all know that the successful people get to where they are by knuckling down and smashing it out irrespective of what day of the week it was.

He he he.

But I have indoor soccer on Thursday night – I can’t pursue my goals then!

Of course not, what about Friday? Nah Friday is for friends.

Oh OK – and Saturday? More family and friends.

Hmmm Sunday? Getting ready for the week, last precious hours of freedom – LET ME BE.

So Monday then? Yeah maybe if work’s not too tiring.

Tuesday then – yep, I’ll get to em on Tuesday.

Wow that sounds like such a familiar tale!

It should be seeing as those were the excuses I gave myself. And I wonder why I am not successful?

This horse is also not successful.

But thefrugalsamurai sir, success is different for everyone.

100% agree with you there, no one is arguing against that – but if you were like me during that period and wanted to move out of the life I was on, to the life I wanted to live, something had to give.

Among the first was this concept of “Hump Day”, TGIF, Terrible Monday, Cheap Tuesday (it’s cheap every day!) – treat each day the same, they are an opportunity to work on your dreams and goals.

Come on guys – let’s get over hump day together!

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