Watch out! Here comes $30 million!

A special shout-out this week to my friend Bugzy, he’s fallen on tough times and has commented on this blog a couple of times.

“I just want to sail off to find Atlantis and exotic treasures and hot bar maids” he said to me this week.

Poor guy “shakes head” – REALLY doing it tough right now.

You know what would help him?

$30 million.

That’s right – $30 million is the megadraw for the Oz Lotto sweepstakes on Tuesday. I remember because a few work colleagues were remarking about it last week and my mum reminded me over the weekend.

“Make sure you buy a ticket – you will never win if you don’t buy a ticket”.

Yes mum.

I’ll pay you $4.80 for it.

Whenever I buy a lotto ticket I get so hopeful, so sure and confident that I’m holding the gateway to financial security – I’M RICK JAMES BITCH.

But hey TheFrugalSamurai – did you know that the odds of winning Oz Lotto are 1 in 11 million?

Nah, those odds are applicable to other people, not to me. My odds are better.

So, how much have you won?

We all know that playing lotto is a fallacy, but damnit man if it doesn’t feel good holding onto those golden tickets.

That’s how they get you time and time again, by playing fiddle me diddle with our emotions, specifically hope.

Hope is a big draw-card, we all hope to be better humans, we all hope to achieve our dreams, we all hope to make it.

But a hope without action is a wish.

This man hopes he can run away otherwise he wishes he stayed home.

Think of your goals, that’s point B. Where are you now relative to them, that’s point A.

Majority of people are aware enough to see point A and point B.

Some people are smart enough to see what must be done to get there.

But very few people are willing enough to take the required steps to reach them.

Most people wish they can reach point B without doing anything.

It’s modern society I suppose, INSTANT WIN! 10 MILLION FOLLOWERS! SUCCESS! $$$!

Makes us all think we can make it.

This shoe has made it.

What about the grinding, the hustling, the mistakes, the failure after failure, what about them?

Nah – it’s OK, that’s applicable to other people, I’m going to sit here and hope to win $30 million instead.

Come on guys! Make sure you know that the difference between hope and wish is the word action.

Thanks for reading!

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P.S Winning numbers are 4, 11, 13, 29, 31, 35 and 44, but shhhh don’t tell anyone.


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