The Rich Exercise, Do You?

What’s up Frugal Samuraites, hoping everyone’s having a great Easter!

Four days off people – that’s like school holidays for adults!

I tell you what, judging by my social media feeds, seems like most people used this opportunity to get out of town and explore this great country of ours.

MrsFrugalSamurai and I didn’t have any grand plans or travel itineraries, rather we used this time to catch up with family and friends over good food and good wine.

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Usually we have grand plans – but not this Easter.

Couple of nights ago we caught up with some friends and had a blow-your-mind, tip top meal over at a local restuarant.

“Oooo, this dish tastes amazing”

“Yep, I wish I knew how to make it”

“Oh man, I’m stuffed – definitely need to start exercising again”

“When’s the last time you went?”

“Can’t remember, no time – between work and the kids…”

Our desserts (Tiramisu with fresh cream and blueberries) arrived and the conversation subsequently moved on.

However afterwards, I reflected on the above exchange of words – chiefly because I’ll be in his shoes shortly.

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Hmm… I hope he’s a size 9.

After our marriage, eventually MrsFrugalSamurai and I would want kids AND I’ll still be working (hopefully) then, so… does that mean I also won’t have time to exercise?


I will have time to exercise.

Yeah right TheFrugalSamurai, you say that now – but wait until you’re between doing over-time at work, changing nappies at 2am and operating on 3 hours of sleep each night.

Nah, I will have time to exercise.

Haha – he doesn’t know what he’s up against, just wait until reality hits him like a sucker punch.

Maybe, but I will have time to exercise.

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Consensus all round.

For you see, Tom Corley told me so.

Huh? Who’s Tom Corley?

Tom Corley is an author who spent 5 years studying the daily success habits of “233 wealthy individuals on their daily habits and compared the results with 128 lower-earning individuals. Based on the data, he documented 334 habits that separate the rich from the poor” (CNBC article here).

He did this through his profession as an accountant and financial planner by surveying his own clients.

It’s a fascinating study – check it out in his book here

Damnit man, it’s moments like these I wish I could be paid for my loudspeaker services. Patience TheFrugalSamurai, patience, one day the world will be ours he he he, these fools won’t know what hit em.

Image result for oops i said the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet gif

One of the wealthy habits in his study was that the “rich” (defined as net income over $160k p.a. and net worth over $3.2m) exercise consistently.

In fact he states “Seventy-six per cent of the rich aerobically exercise 30 minutes or more every day… cardio is not only good for the body, but it’s good for the brain… daily aerobic exercise feeds the brain, cleans the brain, and increases your intelligence, each and every time you engage in it.”

This is true, ask anyone who’s had a good work-out, where the endorphins and sweat is pumping – doesn’t it feel good? Don’t you feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way next?

Image result for fighting a dragon
Fuck you! I jogged this morning bitch!

To be honest, I’m surprised that there are so many articles, studies, research and man hours invested to determine that exercise is good for the brain (here, here and here are but a few) irrespective whether you want to be rich or not.

Surely we all know this?

But if we all know this, then how many of us actually exercise every day?

I think it’s a good reminder for us all that although everyone has busy daily lives – if you want to become “rich”, then be conscious that what truly separates the rich from the poor are their habits, those one percenters we choose to accept or ignore each day.

Good habits start from within.

But how are habits formed? 

Well, in my mind it’s navigating past the nappies, the piled up work, the lack of sleep – to take that first step outside your door and walk around the block.

That’s how habits are formed – through our minds as part of our bodies.

Because if you can’t take care of your own body – how can you take care of anybody?

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P.S. My friend and I are hitting up the gym together again, should be fun!

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