Final Learnings From Planning a Wedding (Almost Time)

Yes indeedy, ladies and gentlemen – it’s almost time.

Time for what? 

For the wedding of the century of course.

Oh you mean Harry and Meghan?

(Thoughtful pause)

No… no I don’t mean Harry and Meghan… rubs chin” but yes, yes you’re right – that would be quite a wedding.

Image result for harry and meghan
Look at them with their perfect hair and perfect smiles and perfect clothes… disgusting.

No, I meant the wedding between yours truly and MrsFrugalSamurai-to-be. It’s now mere days away.

Wait, do I know you?

Probably not, not many people do – I’m like the wind you see, billowing in the summer breeze, roaring in the winter gales, whispering through the Autumn leaves, caressing the… ahem, apologies, I got sidetracked.


Just bear with me please, for tonight’s continuation of the wedding series (previous ones here) should wrap it up nicely for everyone as to further learnings from this unique experience.

To the many of you who have gone through this baptism of fire – I will join you soon!

Related image
Fuck you, I’m getting married!!!

To the ones who are next in line – Godspeed and good luck.

So here goes…

Start cracking early.

For anyone just starting out, the best piece of advice I can give is to get started early.

Don’t do what we did – talked about it, thought about it and sat on it.

So what eventuated was a mad scramble in the last few months to hash everything out before the deadline wedding day.

Our wedding planner summed it up nicely at our first meeting when they took out a scheduling calendar, showed us the (then) present date (3+ months out) with the list of tasks, thumbed back a few pages and showed us where we were (12+ months out).

Image result for hmmm gif
Even Jamie Oliver was disappointed.

We caught up of course – but if you prefer to cram like you’ve never crammed before – then be my guest.

Otherwise, get started early.

Seek the right help.

Eek! This one is a bit of a controversial issue.

Because seeking help you see, is an art form.

With wedding planning, you can’t seek help willy nilly from any Jack or Jill, everyone has an opinion.

Related image
If you’re taking wedding advice from oafish children, you’re doing it wrong.

Some people offer theirs good naturedly – “I prefer Rhododendrons, they bring out your eyes”.

Others try to impose their own regrets on you – “Make sure you have a fireworks display, dry ice is also good, ooo also make sure to have music, drums, band, the works… and don’t forget to invite Cher”.

Then there are those who come highly recommended, with a knowing smile and friendly arm around the shoulders.

The ones who can finish your sentences and give you a good back rub after a hard day’s planning – those are the ones worth their weight in gold.

Money is earned to be spent for times like this.

A long time ago, under a full moon on a dark and stormy night – I remember sitting under the ancient oak tree by the village well engaged in conversation with a wise old owl.

“Young man, what is the purpose of money”, coo’d the wise old owl.

Image result for most useless buys
Definitely not this.

“It is for the attainment of riches, for glory, for power, for wealth”, I replied with a straight back.

“Ah, young squire, money’s purpose is to be spent, not for wealth, not for glory, for power, for riches – it’s purpose is so when you are old and grey, you remember those moments in life which truly matter”.

With that, the wise old owl flew away.

Now, this story may or may not have happened and I may or may not have made it up – but the message rings true.

Keep it in perspective. 

So many people have advised me to keep things in perspective, that it is just the beginning of the rest of your life together, that it is one day in your life.

Naturally I share this good advice to MrsFrugalSamurai-to-be, usually when she is stressed and/or juggling multiple tasks with the various suppliers and co-ordinators.

Image result for multi-tasking gif
WHAT is going on???

“Don’t worry babe, it’s just one day in your life”.


That’s the sound a saucepan makes when it connects with a human face.

Some perspective is good, but too much perspective really, really hurts.

Be grateful.

Grateful for the planners, for the helpers, for the suppliers, for the parents, the family, friends, guests and above all be grateful for each other that in this crazy, crazy world – there are two people on this planet who are able to share such a special and unique moment together with all they love and love them.

Related image
Sincerely, thank you.

Can’t wait!

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P.S. Apologies for missing the usual posting routine, took a break and ended up watching Avengers last night instead. Most confusing movie I’ve ever watched – then again, I haven’t watched a Marvel film since giant caterpillars fell out of the sky to fight men in iron suits and an over-sized Green Goblin on steroids.

P.P.S. May also miss the Sunday schedule also, because by then I just might be wedded to the most beautiful girl on my arm.


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