The Frugal Samurai wants your questions! (He’ll answer them…I think…)

Howdy guys!

How’s your long weekend going?

Yep, have to thank the Queen for that – us Sydneysiders, we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday on Monday – even though she was born on 21st April.

That’s how baller she is – everyone has to celebrate her birthday on a day that is not her birth date.

Westminster Represent Yo.

Related image
“Get some, Windsor Muthafucka!”

It’s also been heaps wet in Old Sydney Town – so much so that grandpas and grandmas sit around the Winter fire telling the young ‘uns what it was like “back in the good old days” when the sun still shone through the clouds.

Speaking of old tales and Winter fires, I caught up with an old friend this weekend over a few too many glasses of the warm and fuzzy.

He’s been reading this blog with dedication (why wouldn’t you?) and basically conducted an old fashioned Q/A session, which went something like this:

Him: Haha, yeah, so then I walked up to her, asked her number and she completely blocked me afterwards, ha ha – what you think?

Me: Hmmm… well it probably works better when you have clothes on.

Him: Sometimes a man’s just gotta be free and run wild yknow?

Image result for mr bean naked gif
Run wild and free!

Me: We have laws and jails these days to stop us running too wild and free…

Him: Maybe, maybe – speaking of running wild, how’s the blog going?

Me: It’s going great man! Steady Eady – just need to keep churning out the content. You ever churn butter? That’s how the blog is… (starts chanting) keep on churning, keep on churning, keep on…

Him: Riiiiiight…so um… yeah so um, have a question, how the fook did you pull the numbers you posted about regarding your personal wealth?

Me: … Keep on churn…oh… through hard work and dumb luck to be honest. Shhh don’t tell anyone – people think there’s a secret.

Image result for churning butter gif
Keep on churn… what the… that’s just wrong.

Him: Uh huh, so you think property is the way to riches?

Me: Well, each to their own – but it’s going OK for me.

Him: What about the share market, what you think about that?

Me: Yeah, love stocks too – in fact thinking about writing more and more about them.

Him: Oh yeah, what do you think you could write about next?

Me: I’m thinking another series is in the works, maybe something stock market related, perhaps more articles about real estate, or mindset, or more on work? There’s actually heaps to write about. Cryptocurrency’s another – think that market’s got a bit more legs.

Him: Yes, but what do your audience want?

Image result for oprah audience free car gif
I think my audience of middle aged women just want to lose their minds?

Me: (rubbing chin ruefully): Hmm…

Him: Why don’t you ask them directly? You know, shout out on the blog? Ask them to send you questions through and you reply with a post?

Me: You know… you’re the *second person who’s told me that…


So that’s where I am here tonight – you see, I spent a couple of hours polishing off an article on the share market and was about to hit “publish” when I decided to pull it.

You see, I could always publish that article whenever I want but it’s not often I get to thank you for reading this blog and ask you directly:

If you like this blog but have this lingering doubt about something, anything financy-related, please – send though your questions to – I’d love to read and if possible, give it my best shot at answering them!

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*The first person who told me that was my friend Màikè. Please let us all thank Màikè for his kind words of advice (which I didn’t take).

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