Christmas Karma!

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What’s up guys! Are we all enjoying the holidays?

I hope you guys are! Cos geebers, you wouldn’t believe the week I was having – just frigging WOW.

Boy am I glad to see the back of that one.

It was only when a work colleague mentioned on Friday that we are in the last week until Xmas, that I looked up from my desk and realized, SHIT it’s true!

So why was the week so shitty?

Cos every friggin client decided the last working week of the year was the perfect time to come out from the woods and complain about this and ask about that.

Image result for tree ent gif
“Watch out! It’s a client!!!”

“Hey TheFrugalSamurai, why is this not done yet?” 

“Hey TheFrugalSamurai, where’s that report up to?”

“Hey TheFrugalSamurai, will you marry my daughter?” 

I didn’t mind until about… Monday, then things just escalated from there.

Needless to say, the whole woe is me mentality took a firm grip on yours truly.

Cue tantrums and throwing toys out of the pram.

I’m ashamed.

So very ashamed of my behaviour (but not as ashamed as the one time I went into my backyard to cover myself in dirt and pretend I was a carrot – but that’s another story).

During all this, I had a discussion with my work colleague RJM, and a light bulb moment went off.

If you ever meet RJM, you would accept that he is one of the most chilled out, zen-like characters you would ever encounter.

Related image
If a tree falls in a forest and no one can hear it, does it make a sound?

Nothing seems to faze him, he can have all the commendations or compliments or complaints in the world – and his outlook about life around him is one and the same.

In fact, his biggest saying to anything is Karma.

Karma caused you to be late for work this morning.

Karma caused your workload to be more than expected.

Karma caused your son to be named MVP in his little league.

And it’s Karma that caused these ratbag customers to contact you the week before Xmas (uh oh).

Now not being a spiritual blog, I won’t dwell too much on this aspect – but when I asked him how he would feel in my situation, he flipped the question around and said “it doesn’t matter what I feel, how do you feel about this?”

That really stumped me.

I calmed down instantly, and replied without hesitation – “it’s my job”.

Just wow – RJM, you’re like a Oprah and Steve Harvey and Dr Phil rolled into one.

Ya know, then I got thinking.

How come I calmed down straight away after I uttered those words?

And that’s the key right?

It’s how we feel about a situation that determines whether it’s a positive or negative experience.

Image result for how do you feel
Like a boy, trapped in a train’s body – how do you think I feel you fffff.

It’s why the poorest people in the world are often the happiest, and why some of the richest professions have the highest suicide rates.

It’s why disabled and injured persons report no less happiness after their accidents but why celebrities and sportstars battle with depression.

And why a slightly above average in looks young man can see the other side much more clearer and greener after having a conversation with his work mate.

I think that in the rush to buy presents, book holidays and finishing off the working year, we get too affected by our external environments.

And we forget what is true and real – that is the feeling within.

The feeling of Christmas, of joy, of cheer, of time with family and of remembrance of the year past and the year to come.

How we choose to feel about something, only we can make that choice!

So on that note, on behalf of both MrsFrugalSamurai and I, we wish you all a wonderful, safe and Merry Christmas – see you guys soon!

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