Farewell 2018

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Well guys it’s finally here aye.

The end of 2019.

Had to happen of course, I mean each year is the beginning of the rest of our lives and all that.

In a bit of a philosophical mood as you can tell, just finished reading a post from a blogger who I respect and follow about his 2018.

It was a fairly reflective and raw piece, he’s achieved a lot, said a lot, done a lot – but you know I get the feeling that he’s not satisfied a lot.

At least that’s what I’m reading it as, could just be that he’s becoming more grumpy in his middle age?

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But humour me for a sec, let’s say that he is NOT satisfied with 2018 despite:

  • Completing 4 commercial construction projects adding $3m to his net worth
  • Gone on 3 separate holidays for a third of the year to the Meditarrean, Western Europe and South America.
  • Welcomed two new additions to his family
  • From the outside, lives a life of complete LUXURY

Man alive, I was reading this and the constant thought bouncing in my head is… he just wants more.

More, more, more.

And it’s true – he said it himself that although he got a lot of wins in 2018 – somehow he was only content.

That got me a little bit worried. How over-achieving do people have to be nowadays before they start to feel happy with their lot?

I showed the article to MrsFrugalSamurai.

“Look dear, this guy had an amazing 2018, but he doesn’t seem happy though does he?”

“Reminds me of someone I know” she replied.


“Who’s Arthur? NO I mean YOU”

Really? Me Dear?

Image result for aquaman
Something fishy about that Arthur guy…

Now let’s get one thing straight, I haven’t gone on multiple vacations or built any properties or even welcomed any additions to our family (that I know of) this year – but I think from the outside looking in, 2018’s been an OK year.

Let’s see, at the beginning of the year – I only had two major goals, one was to get married. TICK.

The other is to purchase another addition for the real estate portfolio. T…Tick? (Kinda, still abit hush hush at the moment, but will reveal all soon TOUCH WOOD).

So 1.5/2 ain’t that bad, I’ve had a pretty good year right?

Still, can’t help but feel a lit bit of emptiness inside these days – the nagging thought of doing MORE.

More to do at work.

More to do with this blog.

More to do with building that passive income.

More to do trying to make babies (covers my mouth and GIGGLES).

Related image

It’s never enough is it? Why can’t we just be happy with what we got!

I know time is reducing by the second (see what I did there?), life’s pulling us from every direction and we’re running on 5 hours of sleep a week.

BOOM! I suddenly get it!

What that old guy was trying to convey in his post.

Mon Dieu!

I can see clearly now the rains are gone – for that old blogger… he’s… he’s where I’m heading in 15 years!

The more you do, the more you achieve, the more you reach – the more there’s left, the more to accomplish and the more the bar is raised.


Does that mean we should just aim lower, do less, and let most things pass us by?

Well… you can… if you’re wired that way.

But if you’re wired that way, chances are you’re not hearing that annoying voice in the back of your head, the one that whispers “Kill her”…oops wrong voice, the voice that whispers “it’s not enough, just not good enough”.

What can you do then?

Well here’s what I’m gonna do in 2019.

Image result for male russian dating fail
N…not this.

I’m gonna start to practice more gratitude (by sending a message to MrsFrugalSamurai every day of what I am grateful for, keep me accountable yo).

I’m gonna not sweat the small stuff (did you know women have more sweat glands than men? True story).

I’m gonna celebrate the victories, big or small (Make TheFrugalSamurai Great Again).

It’ll be hard of course, takes around 3 months for a new habit to set in – but ultimately I think if we come back together in 12 months in December 2019, I won’t just be content to be content, I’m gonna be darn proud and happy with everything that’s happened.

Gives a reassuring and assertive nod.

What are you gonna start doing next year?

Have a Happy New Year and see you all in 2019!

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