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Investing Resources and Links 2019

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What’s up fellow Frugal Samuraites!

Hope we are all having a great week.

Gonna be quick today cos I’m late to meet MrsFrugalSamurai, we’ve got a hot date “wink wink”.


Anyway, so in a mad rush I was thinking how to make this post as pointy as possible.


I thought, what best than to share some of the resources and links which I’ve used in the past to obtain my financial info!

It’s a fairly chunky list… and most of them won’t be new – but hopefully there’s a golden nugget or two in there!

Here it is:

Australian Business News

International news

  • The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times are must read for international news. Although bear in mind, most of the news is subscription-based (but worthwhile paying for).
  • The Economist is one of my all-time favourite publications, it provides a wonderful weekly update of the world and financial news that matters most. Editor’s note: During uni I saw a girl reading The Economist on the metro train once upon a time, time stood still as I struck up a conversation. ALAS! She was taken and not interested in our intrepid hero. Ahhhh C’est La Vie!
  • Traditional finance magazines like Fortune and Forbes are worth a look as well as Bloomberg Businessweek.
  • For 24/7 info – check out BloombergCNBC, and Google Finance.
  • Quartz – Found this one recently, it provides an alternative viewpoint and is a bit quirky at times.
  • Value Investing World, another quirky site providing an alternate source of interesting articles.

Prominent Investors

  • Can’t go past Warren Buffett Archive by CNBC, which is just Warren Buffet porn (not literally).
  • Guru Focus collects articles and news on well, gurus.
  • Berkshire Hathaway EVERYONE knows Berkshire Hathaway but did you know Warren Buffet’s annual letter to shareholders is a MUST read for anyone in the investment industry?
  • Fund Managers; and there are many, many of them worth following and reading but some classics are: Howard Mark’s memos to investors, “Former” Bond King Bill Gross’s Investment Outlook and GMO for the research and commentary Jeremy Grantham provides. Also I love Bronte Capital’s Partner Letters for their unique insights on the short-side.

Investing newsletters

Investing podcasts/videos/other

  • How I built this which are a series of interviews with entrepreneurs and how they built their companies.
  • My friend Light Beam was asking me about stock market podcasts – well sir, here’s a good one: Intelligent Investor podcasts.
  • Planet Money explains tumultuous economic events in ordinary language, or give Slate Money a go if you like em short and snappy.
  • The Financial Times’ Alphachat provides unique insights into the whackier world of business.
  • Tune in to Open Briefing for a range of presentations/briefings from Australian companies.
  • Freakonomics for the hidden side of everything.
  • Ben Carson’s A wealth of common sense blog provides interesting views on current market antics and investor psychology.
  • Propertyinvestory is a great Aussie property podcast, Tyrone’s got quite a few who’s who of Australian Real Estate on.
  • The Property Couch is another great Aussie real estate podcast, though I don’t always agree on what Ben and Bryce say!
  •, the man is a genius, enough said.


Whew, that took longer than I thought… luckily MrsFrugalSamurai is running late as well.

There ya have it folks – did you enjoy that list? Hoping there’s a few in there which you might not be aware of, so go on, give them a go!

Also, do you have one or two which I haven’t covered? Let me know in the comments below about some of your personal faves!

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