Regret, I’ve had a few

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What’s up everyone! Hope we’re all having an AWESOME weekend.

What’d you guys get up to?

Man, tell you what, I am so glad this heatwave in Sydney has passed.

It got so hot sometimes that I actually couldn’t function as a human being… I think that’s when you know you need a time-out. When self-immolation turns from an interesting Wikipedia article into reality.

I was reading in the news that mid-week, the 15… yes FIFTEEN hottest places on the planet were in Australia…

Love it.

And so I came to find myself on Friday afternoon in the local Westfields (shopping centre) having a spot of lunch when a most intriguing conversation pricked my ears.

It was between a group of teenagers who were discussing the topic of “regret”.

(Seriously, kids these days – you’re 16 and you already have regret?)

Anyhow, I think one of them recently broke up with their ex, as she was bawling her eyes out and said she recently broke up with her ex.

Like any self-righteous citizen of society, of course I had to eavesdrop…

“Boohoo, I cant believe we broke up, I miss him so much”.

“Don’t worry, he was a dick anyway didn’t you break up with him?”

“Yeah, but… hic… still… miss him SO much”.

“Girl, you’ll find someone again, Bobby always liked you”.

“NO, Bobby is ugly (just wow), I…I…boohoohoo”.

At this point, I picked up my half-eaten grilled chicken burger, walked over, reached into my pocket, whipped out my… phone, and showed them THIS.

OK, I didn’t do any of that, BUT I would have shown them this graphic IF they didn’t rush off to Pandora to get “some new friendship bracelets”.

“THIS” is an infographic from Happify regarding what “regrets” we all have and how to try and live our lives without regrets.


Cool graphic right – thanks Happify!

Interesting to note that the top 5 regrets were Romance, Family, Education, Career and Finance… not surprising actually.

Although I like the 5 steps they use to try and minimize regret:

  1. Live a life that feels meaningful to YOU. Yep, on it already (see, earlier post on “doing you“.
  2. Have the courage to express your feelings. Rest ASSURED, absolutely no qualms about this point. Express my feelings ALL the time e.g. F***k this s***t and I f***king love you. Say it with MEANING people.
  3. Simply allow yourself to be happier. Actually this one I need to work on…
  4. Prioritize family time over long hours at the office. Define “long”.
  5. Stay in touch with old friends. Difficult, but trying.

And the point about regretting on the things which we miss out on – that’s an interesting point!

As I age, I often regret about those things:

  • Not becoming a global football phenomenon.
  • Missing out on my chance being a male model.
  • Didn’t marry a tycoon’s stunningly beautiful but incredibly loyal and loving daughter (hehe, joking MrsFrugalSamurai, joking).
  • Why I haven’t turned into a blogging POWERHOUSE (yet).

Oh well, as Sinatra said… “regrets, I’ve had a few!”

What do you regret about?

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