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Howdy folks!

Me again.

Geez – can you really believe that we are in February already!

I certainly can’t, seems like only yesterday that MrsFrugalSamurai and I were welcoming in the New Year under the mistletoe at our friend Emili’s place.

Time is absolutely FLYING.

Which is why I thought it best to introduce a new series today, it’s something I’ve thought about for a while and hoping you guys like it!


“What I’m Viewing”

Now I don’t mean in like a perverted or voyeuristic kind of way… ha ha, no siree, that happens after dark, no I mean in terms of what I am reading and listening and watching on all things finance-related.

MrsFrugalSamurai always calls me a nerd because most of my spare time is spent just reading, so why not share with you guys what I’ve seen in the past few days, so we can all learn a thing or two!

Pete Wargent Housing Crunch 2018

I found this particularly insightful from one of my favourite bloggers. Pete’s got a knack for breaking down difficult subjects into simple and easy to understand graphs and explanations.

Here, he explains what transpired in 2018 from the Australian “Housing Crunch”.

John Bogle Obituary

John Bogle, the father of passive indexing recently passed away aged 89. He was one of the most instrumental figures in finance in the past few decades. His company – Vanguard, pioneered low-cost, low-fee investing and chances are, you or someone you know is practicing what he preached with your investing and retirement journey.

This article sums the man up well, and his contribution to modern finance.

The most powerful person in Silicon Valley

Unless you’re in the industry, chances are you haven’t heard of Masayoshi Son, the Japanese chairman of Softbank and the head of the Vision Fund.

In fact, chances are you haven’t heard of the Vision Fund either.

But here’s why you should, it’s Mr Son’s $100 BILLION bet on the future, as in.

The Future.

That’s right, he has a “300 year old” time horizon with his investments, anything from real estate disruptors to hospitality start-ups to news and entertainment apps.

Which is what makes him one of the most important people on the planet.

This article explains who Mr Son is, from his beginnings, to now, to what he wants to achieve.

The Best Path to Long-Term Change Is Slow, Simple and Boring

“Many of life’s choices fall into two categories:
– Option A: Exciting, complex and quick, but the action rarely works
– Option B: Boring, simple and slow, but it works nearly all the time”

Carl Richards explains why the slow and steady path holds true over the long-run if you want to make fundamental changes.

Editor’s note: I’ve always thought about life in terms of 1%, that is, just do 1% extra each day in whichever facet of life and let compound interest do its thang. You’d be amazed at how far you can go.

Knocking Heads Together

If like me, you are watching the Superbowl over the weekend, between all the Zing and the Zang and the Zippity Doodah of the big stage – spare a thought for those gladiators performing a spectacle for our eyes.

Chances are, decades from now – those big hits and big plays have caused irreversible brain and organ damage hidden from the public view.

The Economist summarises this well by investigating the hidden side to contact sports, especially severe ones such as American Football and Rugby.

You might need to subscribe to read the full article… but seriously, why haven’t you subscribed yet!


Nice work The Frugal Samurai!

Thanks The Frugal Samurai!

Apart from talking to myself about myself, I’m hoping there’s something in that list for everyone.

It’s a new series I know but I think I might do this as a recurring thing, maybe once a month or even once a fortnight?

What do you guys think about these articles, and do you like this new series?

Please let me know in the comments below!

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