And We Are Back!

Yes that’s right!

Back from a full 3 and a half weeks across 3 legs of Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei.

Thoroughly enjoyed that time off I tell you!

And you know, the best part about going overseas?

Is going overseas!

The journey, the adventure, the exploration of new sights and sounds.

Experiencing the local culture, sampling the local cuisine, visiting the local haunts.

British accent on.

‘Positively DELIGHTFUL old boy”.

British accent off.

And I really want to give you a proper recollection of just what transpired over the last month, to explain TheFrugalSamurai’s absence from the airwaves.

Yet alas – I seem to have picked up some nasty bug or two on our return and it’s knocking me around a fair bit.

Writing this on my death sick-bed as we speak.


Therefore, I hope you don’t mind waiting just a wee bit longer as I fight the good fight against this EVIL.

Here’s to catching up with you before long!


P.S. Any donation, monetary or otherwise as I fight this grave illness will be greatly appreciated – come ON people, rally around your favourite personal finance and development blogger! NOW is the time.

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