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How Much to Make $10,000 in Dividends?

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Howdy guys, how’s everyone?

So I was on a hot date with MrsFrugalSamurai last night and she was lamenting the fact that she feels pretty burnt out recently.

Fair enough I was thinking, you have to put up with me dear…

But no, she was feeling burnt out mainly through her J.O.B.

“Why can’t I just be a stay-at-home-housewife!” she exclaims, looking directly at me.

Sigh, why can’t I be the housewife instead!..Is not what I said to her in reply.

Luckily for me, she moved on to regale me with updates of the latest James Charles spat…something about a guy with two first names not happy with having two first names?

But being the conscientious husband I am, her cry for help left me thinking.

So later that night, I decided to undertake a little financial exercise.

You see, many people dream about rolling in passive income – myself included.

One avenue of this is a share portfolio.

So I thought I’d go through the top 20 (largest) companies on the Australian Stock Exchange, and see how much it would need to have $10,000 passive income (dividends) rolling in.

The answer is… a LOT.

That’s a lot of numbers.

I took the figures from the ASX website and whipped up a simple spreadsheet.

It doesn’t take into account any franking credits (a kinda tax refund) and one company – Coles Group, is a recent spin-off of Wesfarmers so is yet to pay their first dividend (due Sept 19).

However if you have a look, my word – it makes for depressing reading doesn’t it?

Just to even receive $10,000 in dividends, you’d need a handy $150k-$200k.

Sigh, that’s the price you pay for entry. Admittedly I hold a couple on that list and receive about… $85-$120 dollars a year in dividends… yay.

Mind you, these are the largest 20 companies on our exchange – but they don’t represent the best nor the safest (no such thing as safe in investing).

So I’m sorry darling, but looks like you’re gonna have to stick with it a bit longer. But c’mon I already do the dishes… and the laundry….and the vacuuming… and the cooking… don’t forget the garbage… HEY wait a minute…

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P.S. Think it’s too hard?

Incidentally my friend Light Beam wrote up a guest post about this topic (read here), he’s made over $30,000 this year alone – see how he does it!


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