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I’m Back!

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What’s up everyone!

Sorry, sorry – I know I’ve been neglecting this blog a little bit, but things have been a bit TOO much these days.

Some of you are aware of what’s going on in our personal lives, and I won’t dwell on it here.

However strictly financially speaking – I’ve done a LOT in the last few days.

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Unluckily I was born with only 2 arms.

You see, despite the reinforcement that finance and numbers and FIRE are not the be all, end all in recent weeks (believe me, family and health are), I still think it’s important to not let that area slide.

So like any good boy scout, I’ve been a busy bee.

What with?

Well, you know how I’m a pretty avid fan of real estate right?

I’m always on the look-out for the next addition, and following on from the acquisition of our last property (read here), I’m on the war path for more.

Frankly speaking, I headed over to the old hunting ground out West last weekend and saw quite a few to put on the shortlist.

Now here’s where it gets a bit exciting…

You see, I think I found a decent candidate for a novice like me, to move onto the next rung of real estate, which is creating value by sub-division and development.

Image result for division
If there were 65 burgers shared amongst 5 friends, there would be 5 burst appendixes…

Nothing too crazy mind you, I’m a complete beginner to this new playing field after all.

But we all have to start somewhere right!

Mind you though, it’s very much at the preliminary stage – I haven’t even properly crunched the numbers yet (went STRAIGHT to work on Monday after a 7am flight arrival, cut me some slack PUH-LEAZE).

Still, it’s like meeting that hot date back during college and uni days… you see them across the smoky room, under the haze of alcohol and dim lighting and doof doof music… will the morning after prove just as attractive?

Time will tell!

So stay tuned, there’s plenty more to write about in the coming day’s be SURE about that.

The full and juicy details await…

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