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We Bought A House! (Part 2: More Renos), Oh And Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Been a while since my last post.

Apologies been AWOL recently as renovating the new home, moving places and wrapping up what has been a crazy year of work – meant that literally, I had zero time to even respond back to friend’s messages.

Yes Steve, would love to have dinner with you and Pam on the 21st…

WHEW, a huge sigh of relief because the renos are practically done.

I had blogged in my latest post (read here) how MrsFrugalSamurai and I had become landowners this month.

Man alive, is there a lot of work involved!

But y’know, I can’t help feel a bit chuffed with the end product.

(Reminder to select “load all images” on some browsers if you can’t see the images below).

From this:


To this:

Not bad…

And this:


To this:

Less chaotic

Also, here’s a few happy snaps of the last couple of weeks:

Obligatory roof void selfie
Pre-painting selfie… Note the astute choice of t-shirt
This was the “happiest” snap of them all… a structural repair job which deserves a post all by itself.
Welcome to your worst nightmare…
MrsFrugalSamurai playing hide and seek in the old place.
MrsFrugalSamurai playing hide and seek in the new place.

And because there’s still a lot of residual dust and fumes waiting to be aired out, our temporary accommodation in the kitchen:


Hey ya know what though?

There’s something rewarding about working on your own place. As someone who has always rented before, I can now see why people who buy their own plot of dirt are house proud.

It’s something I can’t really describe.

And I’m sure many of you want to find out about our journey and the numbers and research involved that went to finding this place…

Well, yes you guessed it – you’ll just have to come back next time to find out!

Haha, because it’s almost lunchtime and MrsFrugalSamurai is eating for two.

Say what?


We are proud to announce the addition of MINIFRUGALSAMURAI to the family next year.


So from my family to yours, I hope you have a Wonderful and Merry Christmas and a Happy festive season!

We all deserve it!!!

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