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Fundamental Principles Of Behavioural Finance

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Heya all!

So I went back to my parents place to pick up a few things today.

And whilst rummaging through my old room – came across copies of some old, tattered print-outs I had stuck to my wall.

Now many male, uni-aged students are not unfamiliar with the humble poster.

From old school Jessica Alba prints to corny motivational memes, it’s fair to say that there’s plenty of variety adorning our walls.

Except for yours truly, amongst all the above – there were 7 posters… or print-outs rather, which was blu-tacked right above my desk at eye level.

In no particular order, they are:

I apologize for the image quality, however I printed these back in 2008/09 some dozen or so years ago, I’m amazed they are still legible.

You’ll notice that the dates are poignant… mid-2008, why that was smack bang in the GFC wasn’t it?

I remember that they allowed me to keep a level head, when everyone was losing theirs… whilst reminding me of the classic and timeless lessons when it comes to investing.

I’ll be re-imaging and re-printing these in our new home to restore their place as investment mantras.

Above my desk of course.

P.S. Reminder to click “load all images” if you can’t see them on your PC/phone.

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