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Your Life In Weeks

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Hola peeps!

Sorry went a bit AWOL there, but it’s good to be back!

Been a bit full-on these days as MrsFrugalSamurai and I have been beavering away getting things ready for MiniFrugalSamurai.

Case in point were some prenatal classes taken at the hospital, which are meant to better prepare first-time parents with what to expect.

I didn’t learn anything from these classes.

Mainly because I wasn’t paying any attention.

My notes…

Hear me out though – the baby will be delivered at the hospital, with experienced mid-wives, nurses and an OBGYN who does this for a living; oh and MrsFrugalSamurai also works in the medical field.

IF it comes down to me to deliver this baby… well, things have gone wrong somewhere – that’s ALL I’ll say.

Haha, I’m hoping there’s a bit more info in the next class… paid $340 for it you better bloody hope so.

But anyhow, on the topic of MiniFrugalSamurai and births and the like, I’d thought I’d share a brilliant visual from Wait But Why.

It breaks-down a normal 90 years of a human life (longer than expected age btw) to bring some visual perspective as to where we are in our life cycle.

Doesn’t seem that many does it? Here it is in months:

And weeks:

Oh and here’s how a typical American (Wait Buy Why is a US blog) spends their lives, kinda similar to ours really…

I thought it was good to share this because, and especially as MiniFrugalSamurai is on the horizon – it’s never been more important to emphasize that time is the most valuable commodity.

It is the only finite resource which can never be replaced. Those square thingys on those charts are all you’ve got.

Each is more precious than the last, we gotta make the most of them.

It’s easy to be caught up in the “busy-ness” of the day-to-day or week-to-week but a bit of perspective once in a while helps.

Sigh, better pay more attention at the next prenatal class then.

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  • Shelley Stevens

    These kind of visuals terrify me at 45 years of age.

    Because I haven’t reached my goal yet, we can’t afford to quit our jobs and sail away, I still have to kiss my toddlers goodbye every morning and head to my day job, and we are running out of the best years of our life.

    You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.

    Hope you and your wife have a wonderful birth experience. Kids bring a whole new level of meaning to life.

  • Steveark

    Yikes! I’m in the purple. That’s not encouraging. But at least money isn’t an issue. Kids are awesome, we are very proud of the fine adults our three have become. You’ll be surprised at how time speeds up with little one(s) keeping you busy.

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