My Secret Drug (An Article that hits the spot every time)

Gday guys! How’s it all going?

Wow, what about that Royal Wedding then aye? Wasn’t it just magical!

And Bishop Curry, what a sermon he gave. Something different, something special.

Such a captivating deliverance, speaking off-script and from the heart with passion and fervor in front of a global audience.

Bishop Curry, were you nervous in front of the most famous and conservative family in the world?

No sir, cos I’m doing me, I’m doing me. You gotta do you TFS, you said so yourself right? (I sure did, right here)

Aw shucks Reverend, you shouldn’t have…

Image result for bishop curry
So kind of the Bishop to acknowledge The Frugal Samurai.

Ahem, now doing you or I aside, fact is – I’ve been feeling in need of some inspiration myself lately.

How come?

Well, I mean, don’t you have some moments when you think to yourself:

“Why is life so hard?”

“How come this is happening to me?”

“Gee, if only I could have a million blog followers”.

Oh yeah, I know what you mean – it can be pretty tough going.

It is tough, and some times, it gets tougher.

Image result for rat race gif
Maybe if I run faster, inspiration will come.

But you know the fact is that life does not owe you anything.

It takes and takes and then takes some more.

Sometimes it can be too much to bear, and sometimes we lose control of climbing back out.

Which explains somewhat why I am feeling a bit lackluster recently, as if I’m just going through the motions daily.

BUT and there is a but, I have a secret script which I go back to time and time again when I’m feeling like this.

It always produces a good hit and gets me back up and running.

Sometimes I want to come back to it just because I can – but I try and stop myself because too much usage will dilute the effects.

Image result for cocaine
“Look, I only use cocaine for medicinal purposes.”

No… it’s not drugs or anything nefarious.

It’s an article I stumbled on and immediately resonated with during my darkest days of yesteryear.

It’s been viewed over 20 million times since 2012 and has been shared over half a million times.

You, yourself might already have read this article – and damnit if it just doesn’t hit the mark.

I was going to summarize the points it made but wouldn’t do it justice.

It’s so much better if you read it yourself in it’s raw, unedited glory.

Do yourself a favour and bookmark it straight away, because I can almost guarantee you’ll want to come back to it again and again.

It’s a game changer and has certainly changed my life and the way I approach things.

OK, OK – enough talking, I’m ready to post it.

Are you ready?

Image result for get set gif
“On your marks… get set… hey what the…?”

Here you go!

Enjoy the read, because I definitely will.

Ahhhhh, that’s the spot.

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P.S. Not condoning drugs, say no to drugs people! Please don’t flame me guys! I’m too sensitive and vulnerable right now… “curls up in a foetal position and sucks on a thumb”.


  • Innocent Bystander

    Great article, I agree in most parts with a few different opinions on varying things. For one, the article should really be “6 harsh truth that will make you a better value proposition to others”. Being able to standout and give more value to others don’t necessarily mean you are a better person. Probably means you are in more demand.

      • Innocent Bystander

        Example: some rich gen 2 kids splashing cash around like if it’s toilet paper. ‘The kid’s deemed more valuable to others, heck the kid may even have donated to charity from time to time. However, that does not make the kid a better person, the kid could be a jerk for all we know. Valuable is the absolutely the right word, not “better”.

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