R.I.P. Christchurch

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Crazy, crazy, crazy.

That’s the reaction we had when we first heard of the tragic incident unfolding in Christchurch, New Zealand.

You see usually, on Friday afternoon, I’d be winding down – maybe even having a drink or two with my work colleagues as we pat ourselves on the back for another week down.

But I remember that this Friday I was going full TILT.

Been a pretty full-on couple of weeks actually and this week was no different.

And then we heard the news…

Or rather, I first received the actual 16 minute video the shooter live streamed BEFORE knowing what was going on.

Initially I thought it was a prank video… because man alive, it is brutal and disturbing.

Sigh, it really puts things in perspective doesn’t it.

I mean, here I am, cursing and wailing that the Excel spreadsheet in front of me crashed for the umpteenth time.

But concurrently, somewhere, someplace in the world a completely senseless set of events are unfolding.

And you know, this one hit very close to home because… well, New Zealand is literally our next door neighbour, our closest and oldest ally. We share the same language, culture and way of life.

It also prompted speculation of reprisal attacks and “when-not-if” scenarios, here in Australia.


It’s contagious and debilitating ain’t it?

But how many moments like these are occurring each and every day – from school shootings in the US, to civil war on the African continent. From social break-down in Venezuela to devastating floods in Bangladesh.

It can make anyone a depressed cynic if you look hard enough.

BUT you know what?

We also saw the other side of human nature. The good. The righteous.

We saw the swift and forceful response from a rocked government.

We saw the strength and unification of a country in mourning.

And we saw the support and compassion pour in from all points of the globe.

That’s enough for me methinks.

To see that no matter what, us humans, we’re resilient creatures.

And you know, bringing it back, after finding out about the shootings, you think I gave a damn about the spreadsheet I was working on? Or the pestering client phone calls, or unanswered emails from the boss, late on a Friday afternoon?


Life’s all about perspective.

Everything is relative to everything else.

And I hope that next week, no matter how bad – put yours back into perspective.

That’s what I’ll be doing.

R.I.P. Christchurch.

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