Being Rich Eliminates 67% of Life’s Problems

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Owwww I am STUFFED.


Excuse me for a bit boys and girls.

Belches again off-camera.

Whew, much better.

Just had a HUMONGOUS feed.

Man, I knew it was wrong to grab those Fillet-O-Fish burgers for a post-dinner snack… never again.

Shakes head. Brbrbrbrbrrrrr.

But c’mon, who DOESN’T like fast food, SO. DAMN. DELICIOUS.

Hmmm… although it does remind me of what I was reading earlier today, what was it again? Hm.

Oh yeah!

It was on Tom Corley’s Rich Habits.

Who’s Tom Corley?

Yeah exactly.

But reading through his website, apparently the guy spent 12 years conducting a study by interviewing and researching millionaires, multi-millionaires, multi-multi-millionaires and a group designated… “poor”, to try and see what’s the difference between “rich” and “poor”.

In short, it is habits, habits and habits.

Yeah but who cares about being rich or being poor – I just want to be HAPPY.

Fair, fair, and I just want to wrap my mouth around that hot, freshly made fish fillet lying between those soft, soft buns and that sauce “shudders”ooooo lala.

Image result for filet o fish
Gosh darn it.

Ahem, anyway – YOU may be right in saying we just want to be happy, BUT you would have to agree with me that in life, there are 12 major problems which everyone – rich or poor have to deal with:

  • Health Problems
  • Financial Problems
  • Family Problems
  • Neighbour Problems
  • Home Ownership Problems
  • Car Problems
  • Addiction Problems
  • Job Problems
  • Relationship Problems
  • Death/Disability Problems
  • Time Management Problems
  • Weather Problems

HOWEVER if you look at it closely, the rich generally just struggle with 4 of those issues.

Family, Death/Disability, Time Management and the Weather.

So er… if my math’s is correct, four divided by twelve is… carry the one… um 1/5? No wait, 2/6! So 1/3… that’s a third or if I had 100 fish burgers and ate two thirds I would have… heart and cholesterol problems.

So really, being rich can remove 2/3 of life’s problems – which is pretty handy if you ask me.

Health Problems

According to Tom’s research, 76% of the rich do some form of cardio exercise every day for about thirty minutes. Which is why they can consume so many fish burg… no, which is why they can keep a fit and healthy body, mind and spirit.

Unless you factor in cancer.

But wait! Science has shown that a poor diet of fish burgers can lead to the increase of cancer.

Which is also another aspect of Tom’s study, the rich eat significantly less fish burgers (junk food), consume less alcohol and sugar than the comparative poor did.

Financial Problems 

Well er.. if you’re rich… you don’t really have a financial problem, that is why you are rich.

Image result for tom hanks one less thing to worry about
Invest in fruit companies.

Family Problems

Sorry, just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with that fish burger addict son who’s posing as a wannabe personal finance and development blogger.

You can’t buy/sell family – that would be called slavery… and to my knowledge, is somewhat frowned upon today.

Neighbour Problems

If I had the money, pffft I wouldn’t put up with the likes of YOU, non-fish burger eating scum, umm… I mean, I mean neighbours I don’t like.

The rich have the luxury to pick who they want to live with, and afford to find the best places to live.

Home Problems

This point refers to when things breaks down around the house.

Actually I’ve found this to be true not just around the house but in the day-to-day as well.

If something breaks or requires maintenance – just chuck money at the problem until it works again.

Car Problems

Ditto here.

For most of us who own some form of vehicle – if it breaks down, we take it for repairs… but for dem rich folk – they can just buy a new car EACH. TIME. If they wanted to…

Related image
“What? You DON’T have a gold-plated custom-made Rolls Royce in your garage? Who ARE you?!”

For us plebs, I found a cool link which can at least diagnose some of the common car problems (here).

Addiction Problems

Delicious and tantalizing fish burgers are a blight on modern society today.

No one, not even the rich, can escape this blight.

The big difference is that the rich can afford to send themselves, their spouse or their children to the best and most effective fish burger rehabilitation centers.

The rich have the financial resources to secure the best care in dealing with addiction problems.


Job Problems

According to Tom, 86% of the rich like or love what they do for a living.

Which means they do a better job, have no fear of being fired (they are usually the boss or the decision-maker)… which means that they do the firing.

Unlike unlucky plebs like us…

Relationship Problems

I found this point interesting.

According to the study, relationships are the currency of the wealthy.

By managing their relationships, connections and networks – they associate with like-minded individuals who share the same goals, morals and thinking.

Being rich seems to afford the luxury of picking and choosing who you want to link up with.

Death/Disability Problems

Unfortunately just because you are rich, doesn’t mean you are immortal – therein lies the fault of many a rich ‘un. Death comes for us all!

Image result for grim reaper ambulance gif
Hahahaha… oh my dark humour will be the death of me!

Time Management Problems

This is quite compelling and where the rich and poor differ significantly I find.

If you’re categorised as “rich” usually you have many sources of income, and hustles to manage.

Usually then you are constantly being pressed for time in managing these activities.

The study found that 91% of the rich are the decision-makers where they work, this means each decision takes time to figure out.

Contrast this with the poor… who more often than not can be spotted just munching away at your nearest fish burger store.

“Shakes head”.

Weather Problems

Um… ain’t it obvious?


I dunno about you, but I found the study to be really captivating! Think I kept on digging into more and more of the articles – they were very insightful.

How many of the habits are you doing right now?

I must make a point that ultimately yes, being rich or being poor is just a mindset and moment in time – and not the most important thing in life.

HOWEVER, you’d have to agree with me on this point, that being rich is FAR more advantageous to being poor right?

I mean, just think of how many fish burgers you’d be able to consume…

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