7 Numbers Shaping Tomorrow’s World (Visually)

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What’s up everyone!

How’s it going? Did you go out and enjoy the unseasonably warm late Autumn weather? I know I did!

Courtesy of my good friend Bavid, I scored an invite to a corporate box seat at the footy (“Aussie Rules” as it is known) on Friday night.

Seeing how it was sponsored by a competitor in financial services, Citibank – I found it amusing to be sitting with the “enemy”.

Though I must say, they can put on a damn good slow cooked pulled pork and slaw spread…

Oh and the view wasn’t too shabby either:

Not bad, not bad.

Between trying to dig up some trade secrets, chomping down on a (just right) roast pumpkin and feta salad, getting into the crowd atmosphere and wondering how best to excuse yourself for a number one… I got talking to my opposite number (Belen, her name was) about what we do outside of work.

Naturally, yours truly divulged my sinister underbelly of deceit:

Banker by day, THE FRUGAL SAMURAI by night.

Cue dramatic music.

I…I don’t think she was impressed by what she saw.


But still, she did introduce me to a new infographic website called Visually (link here).

And so at half time when it came to do my number one, I found myself stuck in a queue behind all the other guys with the same idea.

I didn’t mind, because it gave me time to go through Visually and viola, came across the below infographic (link here):

7 Numbers Shaping Tomorrow's World Infographic

Pretty cool right?

By having a prediction on what the future lies, we are best able to take advantage of it.

So if you can find something related to digital healthcare specializing in mental health, yet targeted towards singles originating from Asia with superior SEO and search engine results… um preferably underwater… then you’re onto a financial winner.

Hmm… might be harder than I thought.

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