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What’s Got Me So Pumped?!!!

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Hey guys!

What’s going on!!!

Excuse me for sounding EXCITED.

But I’m going shopping on the weekend.

Not for my usual Sunday grocery shop mind you…


Love it, love it, love it.

Will be catching the red-eye once again and hopping over to some remote corner of our nation to hopefully snag a bargain or three.

In fact, it’s what kept me going these past couple of TOUGH weeks (wowee were they tough alright) – knowing that I’m again re-focused and re-energized on my financial goal… ain’t it AMAZING?

I must admit that in recent months I have been a bit distracted and the focus hasn’t been quite there.

So I made a deliberate effort to mentally re-calibrate myself.

Get back on track to work on what’s important.

There’s just something invigorating about bettering yourself, and more importantly, KNOWING that what you are doing is bettering yourself.

Nothing else compares.

So stay tuned cos I can’t talk much these days, TOO much to DO.

Alright, enough chitter chatter, gotta get back to IT.

Wish me luck boys and girls!

Clicks Alt + Tab and opens up a new spreadsheet… 


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