Travelling, Just Do It!

Scene: Airport lounge.

Time: Morning peak hour.

Camera pans to a lone individual hunched over his laptop amidst the noise and chaos of Kuala Lumpur International Airport… he starts to type…

Oh Wooooow!

Ladies and Gentlemen, to say that this trip has been an epic adventure would not be justifiable in terms of epic adventures.

I don’t think I’ve ever had one of these holidays for a long, long time.

Seriously, need another holiday just to recover from this trip – somewhere which allows me to sit on a beach and pretend to be comatose for 8 hours at a time.

Or stare at this for 8 hours…

The eye-opening encounters and unique experiences in the past week will surely create memories for a lifetime.

Cathay Pacific flight CX543 to Tokyo is now ready to board, will all passengers please make their way to the boarding gate number 34.

Here are just some of the most memorable:

  • Our AirBnB accommodation had no running water in Bangkok, exactly what you needed at 3am.
  • First time I fired a weapon at the Bangkok shooting range – the shotgun recoil almost took my shoulder off, I’m a gun shot (see what I did there!)
  • Being sexually harassed by a Thai lady-boy, barely escaped her clutches.
  • Meeting a long-time friend in Kuala Lumpur after 3 years at a net cafe to play PC games of all things.
  • Trying to find a night-club with said friend under a drunken haze whilst arguing over the literal definitions of xenophobia and racism (don’t ask) for 2 hours wandering around the city.
  • Visiting the Petronas Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world at 451m.
  • Having a random Malaysian-Indian fortune teller saying I “have a lucky face” and “good things will happen to me in the next month” in the middle of the street.
  • Of course, much, much more.

None of these would have been possible if I remained in Sydney.

YOLO people! Certainly lived up to that on this trip.

Image result for yolo fail
Sometimes it’s best not to YOLO…

The fact is though that these experiences and memories pale in comparison to the real takeout of this holiday.


Emirates flight EK347 is urgently paging passenger Lee, Kim, passenger Lee, Vanessa, passenger Abdul, Yunis and passenger White, Franklin – could all passengers please make their way urgently to gate number 18, your flight is ready for departure.

The most important element in our lives are our relationships and I’m extremely fortunate to have spent this time together with such a close bunch of friends.

Seriously, the level of deep and meaningful’s (DnM’s) we’ve had on this trip would make any AA group proud.

Image result for aa group
Some seriously deep and meaningful’s are happening.

I’ve learnt so much about them and vice versa that it’s almost impossible not to have elevated our relationships with each other.

This is what makes travelling with other people so rewarding over travelling by yourself.

By sharing the experiences, we shared the growth.

Air Asia flight D7 220 from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney is now ready for boarding – could all passengers please make their way to gate number 41.

I’ve loved every minute of this journey and you know what – I am sad that it has to come to an end.

However, too much of a good thing diminishes its value – I’m definitely recharged and raring to head back home to Sydney, I want to keep the momentum going!

Image result for momentum gif
Momentum personified.

Honestly, if you’re wondering whether to take a holiday or not – just do it.

Could passenger TheFrugalSamurai please make their way to gate number 41 – your flight is ready for departure.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a single person who has regretted taking time out to recharge themselves, their minds and their bodies.

Life’s too short to not live free!

The lone individual finishes typing, closes his laptop and pauses.

He closes his eyes momentarily, smiles knowingly and breathes a deep sigh.

Slowly he picks up his belongings and hurriedly moves towards his boarding gate.

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